(WORKS IN 2017) How To Setup a FREE VPS Server!!!

Click the annotation/ card for the updated version still working in 2017! Looks like you want a free VPS? Well you’re in luck! In this tutorial I show you how to setup that free VPS server you’re looking for! This is the same method that I made my Pokemon Showdown server with and I hope it works for you.

3/28/2015: 1K Views! Thanks everyone for making this vid a personal success!

7/16/2017: 100K Views… Just wow… This isn’t just a personal success, this is a success, thank you everyone!

The text version and links are now found here!

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Jake Will says:

attempting to run a virtual machine from mac ios and i have no idea what i’m doing. I just want to be able to run 1 program 24/7 without having to run my macbook 24/7. Anyone help me out?

fahd bm says:

How long can i let the server Online

Syed Fahim says:

Does they provide dedicated IP in the trial period? What great different does it makes when dealing with a static IP or a dedicated IP?

Malware God says:

its not free guys it has 1$  fee for vps that’s why it wants your card lol

Gabi says:

laba e viata mea

Arturek TM says:

Pierdolone po angielsku

NonHamachi Aqw Ps Tutorials says:

how do i make a aqw private server non hamachi using vps?

Abdulhadi Waheed says:

Thank you man <3

Zeptyk says:

I can now DDoS thx dude

Keramat Durjana says:

Great video man. I know it’s a pain in the a$$ to deal with viewers who so insecure, and think they know everything. Thumbs up for your patience

ReKT says:

Lol I get 500mbps… without a vps

Mohamed Hashkeel says:

i need account plz sir

mindlesslobo says:

I have a question. You mentioned you cant play ps3 and ps4 on a vps. Well how do you get your ps3 to show your vps/vds’s ip? There is this guy on psn that my friends talk about alot. I saw him in a lobby and looked up his ip and i was confused. He is a modder/booter. and this is his ip –> look it up and look at his hostname. (unhittable). I researched NFO(Nuclear Fallout Servers and its a Vps/vds provider. If he had ordered something from NFO how does he play ps3 on his vps/vds and how does it show the NFO Servers IP on ps3 and not his real home ip???

NonHamachi Aqw Ps Tutorials says:

i made one and it works ubt how do i maje aqw private server using the vps?

zivanni says:

Is this actually safe? I mean look at the speed test. I could use that as my main desktop and use sony vegas to upload videos to youtube and download files

Game-Host שרתי משחק! says:


Ay'man Mohd says:

Hey Jerry i have a few questions to ask and i hope you will be patient enough to answer them 🙂

First off thank you so much for this!

1- Does this vps(i’m still new to vps so you can call me a noob lol) work even when my laptop isn’t switched on? Or does it require the laptop to be on in order for the vps to work? (considering it is virtual which means it should work without the pc being on idk)

2. Does it provide a different IP address than the one that my laptop is already using? Because if it doesn’t then it would defeat the whole purpose as i want to use a VPS so that the IP is different.

Thank you very much in advance, Jerry! 🙂

Dušan Naumovski says:

Thank you man! Very very usefull, I managed to bring the server up in 10 minutes. I really needed this. Keep up the good work. Regards!

Cosmo Pix says:

Ok, so what if I use a program that posts instagram pics for me (automated posting), but it can only work when computer is on. Will a VPS allow the program to continue to run even when the computer is off?

Snack-Pack Gaming says:

Greetings from Amazon Web Services,

This e-mail confirms that your latest billing statement, for the account ending in =====is available on the AWS web site. Your account will be charged the following:

Total: $803.88

Tech Mosquito says:

it need credit card dude

Abir Hossain says:

is it free for all the year long ?

if isn’t ?

then , can i buy the same vps by dollars ?

Dušan Naumovski says:

In fact Jerry, I am so gratefull for these instructions that I would like to feature and embed your video on my blog, of course with your consent. The blog is:
Cheers Jerry!

Dev Mani says:

thanks bro

glenn gunning says:

can you help I can’t open the pem file to decrypt the password and it’s a nightmare trying to fine any free software to open it any idears

DJ Overspin Gaming says:

2+gbps download and upload, isn’t too bad.

Dovahkiin says:

Can I use this for beEF FrameWork? Or general in Debian?

poozesh shrestha says:

What can we do from vps

GGxChandler says:


omar zedan says:

Hi Can I install a program on this VPS ? for example win rar or RSLogix 5000 or any program.

forpublicpurpose says:


it works like a charm
thanks mate 😀

Alex Rahali says:

How can I port Forward? Thanks

Alex Rahali says:

Hey Jerry, how can I port forward this? Thanks

Kiraro The Kitsune says:

“Free” *asks for debit card* Yeah, there’s a trick.

E Token says:

thanks a lot very good learning for me

Bello Banky says:

How can i use this to send scheduled Emails with sendblaster or Emailjeet even when my laptop is off?

Snack-Pack Gaming says:

dont do this i did and amazon charged me $800.00 after one month.

DJTommyGames says:

it was pretty funny to see you commenting on that internet speed xD.

this is on my home network: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4871333205
this speed is available for about 99% of the population in my country. (what regards download speed) o_O

NonHamachi Aqw Ps Tutorials says:

i used a gift card debit then another one visa and none work they have no money in them but u said it dont have to have money in it to work!!!!!!!!

Alex Pasquinelli says:

Even though they said at least $1 is needed you can have 0.10 cents on it and it will still work! I just did it and I am now able to use it.

TheRealBeanJr says:

title is misleading

Title says 2016 – video posted in 2015. Seems legit.

Deshisky says:

i have no card..plz help

Soda TM says:

I’m getting charged 0.80c monthly and this month I got charged $4.73… What am I doing wrong?

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