What is a VPS

We have developed a video explaining what is a VPS in easy terms. We have also included advantages on using a VPS


Masood Ahmad says:

its quality video, i read it

Differential Equations says:

does vps have cpu usage limits such as webhosting?

abbas raza Rizvi says:

thank YOU great vid

Evan Elder says:

can i run 1000 videogame bots on a vps? or even 120? through broser based games?

XgenPlus says:

Very nice video.

Random The Guy says:

how did you made the vid?

vitor sousa says:

Awesome! 🙂

Gladayo ? says:


Pedro Piscina says:

cabanao mundão..

rafaelchirel says:

SobresalirCon que programa creaste ese video? Me gustaria saber. Agradecido.

Mohamed Sheeraz says:

cheapest VPS starting just $5 per month.

Bernard Jansen says:

Nice tutorial, I will use it on my hosting info website.

rahul amin says:

Its nice video gives through knowledge about VPS.

Igor Yentaltsev says:

Thanks! Awesome!

Ajay krishna Reddy says:

how data is stored and retrieved in vps?
How Vps is different from dedicated server when it comes to data storage and retrieval?

Roger Parks says:

I watch youtube so I don’t have to read.

Orangeparty says:

quality video, it’s like being 5 years old again kek

Waleed Islam says:

Great video. Just wanted to know how you made the animation ?

HR Raihan says:

..:: Great (Y)

Farhan Tahmid says:

What is the soundtrack?

Raylet2 says:

It’s nice an all that you have these animations going on for you but it could of just got to the point instead of making it a task to watch it.

Born Again says:

how did u make this video?? love it! did u do it bye hand? doing youtube more atm 🙂

Cosmo Pix says:

Ok, so what if I use a program that posts instagram pics for me (automated posting), but it can only work when computer is on. Will a VPS allow the program to continue to run even when the computer is off?

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vihanga akalanka says:

where’s the audio?

DownloadKing says:

Get your vps only for $2.5/month – http://www.vultr.com/?ref=7149067

security 123 says:

can i use on my channel

Cameron Bates says:


Xolle Goodone says:

A really good video !! 🙂 Nice job mate.

brandon castro says:

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Mohamed Sheeraz says:

cheapest VPS starting just $5 per month.

InsaneMods says:


kittiecommittee says:

Can LusoVPS make my cat stop meowing so loud in the middle of the night?

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