Top 4 Best VPN Services 2017

Best 4 VPN’s in 2016-2017 to browse the web securely, anonymously, and privately. Use a VPN to mask your IP Address and bypass regional restrictions. In this review, I dive through the top VPN’s in the world with a large amount of servers, high access speeds, and most importantly high security. These VPNs are for all devices ranging from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Macs, and PC’s (windows).

IP Vanish:

Nord VPN:

Air VPN:

Express VPN:

You should be using VPN’s everyday since they improve your security and make you more anonymous on the web. A VPN will encrypt your web traffic so that no one can view what you are doing or who you are. You can use this casually or to torrent like in the video. Use this along Tor for casual browser to maximize your security. VPNs can be used to torrent anonymously, bypass wifi restrictions (like school or work) which block Reddit, YouTube, Netflix, etc…

In-Depth Reviews of Each VPN:


Nord VPN:



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Joesph Baumgardner says:

@ Techlore, about a year ago I was with Purevpn for awhile.For the most part I liked it.It was heavy built and beast.One of the thing’s that I got into it with them on is, keeping log’s.I really could not get a direct answer just scripted crap.I researched alot and kept hearing they do keep log.I ended with them.Now I myself cannot say they do or don’t.
I got a vpn because my cable service provider kept hammering me with bs.When my internet went off at 5am I knew the time.Got the old attention redirect accept to remove block crap.They have a 10 strike than 3 month lock.Than 6 and life.They hit me last night.So, I need to get back on the stop busting my ball’s.Case is, claimed to me movies and music downloaded on ip.I know nothing about that.I seek a vpn.Strickly for p2p and torrent.I am at a toss up.I wonder if I should do purevpn.Try Nord or this one I see Air vpn.I was at aim with PIA vpn, but feel a little meh.I need no log’s up to least 5 device.Something good aimed to stop the internet lock bs.Thought?

full entertainment says:

I need Austrlia store help me which vpn do download

SonOfNothingness says:

if i get a VPN service, will i be able to connect to networks that have other devices that aren’t VPN protected?

Gustav says:

just imagine, because you don’t use a different VPN for every Single browser tab or application (eg. game or whatever win10 feature.) , you could program an algorithm crawler, which connects the ip adresses from all big VPN-Providers with specific sites visited at the same given time, since those big websites use logs of the ip and give you coockies and if one website has your real personal information, all your internet activity could still be monitored and sold. it’s like opening facebook with tor (for anonymity reasons).

pete1 says:

Is there any point using bitcoin to buy a VPN – don’t they need to know your real IP address to use the VPN anyway?
Also does NordVPN own it’s own servers?

Thanaporn Kokilarat says:

Could you suggest me which VPN works well in China?

jack samsom says:

My top one best vpn is Astrill. Works great.

Kevin Zheng says:

Does anyone know which one works well in China? I am gonna visit there soon…..and I have heard that not all the VPN works there.

CareysVisions says:

what’s the point of a vpn if they can log your stuff anyways?

K Stevenson says:

nice video but speeds degradation would have been nice to have mentioned.

mahfoud hani says:

can u give me a vpn provided with a statci ip . i mean can give u a static ip for u only ?

Lawrence Kent says:

I’ve been using Express VPN. Now that I watched this video, I may switch to Nord. Express VPN is quite expensive and I do notice it slows down my PC and net connection quite a bit at times. Thanks for all the info.

E3meliZ 678 says:

if you dont pay for it. you are the product

Bill Rich says:

I can only say what my experience has been with NordVPN. Briefly, working with their tech support along their 30 day trial, I wasn’t able to achieve my desired speed. Mattered not what they told me to do, my ISP speed was cut by 65% – 85% depending. Yup, that’s right! Toward the end of the trial period, support seemed to have slacked off. I guess when everything was tried and failed, there wasn’t much more to be said, so they didn’t. I will say this. They accepted my request for cancellation and promised a refund in 1-2 business days. I think I’ll give ExpressVPN a shot next. They’re currently offering a 15 month subscription for the same price as 12…3 months free. If I get the same dismal results, I might go back to NordVPN, just for the sake of having service highly rated, at a more affordable price.

Johnny Utah says:

Ok, so I live in Japan and Astrill seems to be the best VPN that works here, but I was reading that although Astrill claims that they don’t keep logs, people were complaining that they actually do?

I have no idea how anyone would verify that…but thought I would ask.

Will Adam says:

what do you think of tunnel bear

CrucialConflict says:

TorGuard is the best VPN for streaming Netflix,Hulu and downloading Torrents. They have deicated IP’s to stream media content at fast speed. I have been using this VPN for 2 years and the speed is great.
It doesn’t cost much and they give you discounts.

BangGangMelly Gang says:

Techlore , does IPVanish have a kill Switch??



Ritu C says:

any idea about avast VPN?

Rocky Roadster says:

I’ve been with NordVPN for well over a year. I really like their service. There are 3 computers in our home but mine is the computer where ALL our online transactions, banking, and 401K done. I’m running a key scrambler, anti-exploit software, a software firewall and an SPI firewall. I’m doing as much as I know how to keep my our finances secured.

236623 says:

I have tried a bunch of Paid VPNs *(VyprVPN,Nord VPN,ExpressVPN,AirVPN) and i have to say that AirVPN is by far the fastest VPN provider i have tested. The Windows client also gives a lot of options.

My connection 500/500 Mbit and i get 100/100 Mbit average when on VPN

Boffen says:

I tested IPvanish, the server closest to me got me from 150/150 to 23/23. The server in the neighbor country i got 150/150 with 15 ms.

Murithi Kinoti says:

Proton vpn?

Shirotora AlMuhajir says:

Hi Henry!
Actually you made a mistake. ExpressVPN does Log our Data !!
Please it will be great to verify deeply. I’ve seen this info in another video.

Pawket Rawket says:

Highly recommend looking into ThatPrivacyGuy’s vpn chart!!

Brendan Stubbs says:

what do you guys think of private Internet access VPN

Download Vpn says:

the best way to choose a good vpn service is to visit a good vpn review site, that way you will be able to compare futures of different vpn service before you purchase

Joseph Ballance says:

Which one gives live help when needed ?
IPvanish does not

Moonshine Cole says:

none free

Billy Murray says:

Although speed is a big thing for most uses and that is all they see or worry about, It should be surfing anonymously first . I see a lot of this from VPN`s ” We do not keep any logs , we will only share information with authorities having valid subpoenas, warrants, other legal documents ! Can anyone explain this.

Ramit Paul says:


James Ryan says:

hello, please what do you think about VIP72? I used it for a specific site but was denied access, so I contacted the customer care to ask why I don’t have access, and the respond I got was that my computer IP address is associated with many fraudulent activities. So I want to know, is it just VIP72 or what??? and I don’t know what to do since I recently subscribed to VIP72

FreshIrishGamerHD says:

Yo, i just randomly decided i wanted to go on the dark web, i am a IT student but i’m not taking any chances. I got IP Vanish and it wouldn’t connect so i canceled it. I am now looking for another VPN to get, i’m thinking of getting nord, basically all im gonna do on the dark web is browse and see what it has to offer, i don’t plan on streaming or buying stuff, just browsing. So what i’m asking is if i did get Nord, would i need to do anything else, like for example change any settings in my firewall or my router settings.

Josh Makler says:

private internet access is pretty darn good, haven’t had a single issue using them, good speeds where I’m at since servers are only virtually a state distance away in Canada lol. its one of the cheapest providers, and if you worry about trust in the company, it was started (I believe) by the guy who made a fortune off bitcoin and used it as start up cash. they even accept bitcoin as payment for the ultra-paranoid types

pete1 says:

If a VPA like Nord doesn’t block tracking, what does that mean practically?
Thanks again.

Matt says:

No astrill ?

Down Zero says:

Windscribe is TOP VPN

Ray Garceau says:

How does PIA compare to these Pros and Cons?

Jamed says:

Don’t get IP vanish, it’s a waste of money. Video get’s a thumbs down for recommending a crappy vpn

thehardcorenoobs1234 says:

For anyone dealing with dns leaks, do this as an alternative but turn off your ipvanish first:
*1. go to network and sharing > change adapter settings > click on ipv4 > properties*
*2.Switch your dns settings from auto to static > put in any random dns address you want, can be just be a single in the first dotted line*
*3. click ok and leave your “change adapter settings” window open if you want to change your dns to auto later*
*4. Turn on ipvanish and THEN THERE SHOULD BE NO DNS LEAK*

This method technically turns off your isp’s dns server and allows you to use your vpn’s dns server with no dns leaks for full anonymity

And for those people dealing with websites that are showing the wrong vpn location, that is typically the site’s problem not ipvanish’s

Devourskull says:

can a vpn keep you from being banned? on a game

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