POS Coins Wallet Tutorial on VPS or Virtual Desktop (Goku, Buzz, Ember and many others)

This is a short tutorial on how to setup your staking wallet for POS coins on a Windows Virtual Desktop. This tutorial is for GOKU Coin but it is the same for the rest of the POS Coins, You just have to install the correct wallet on the server.

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Madhu says:

add add close lmao

DarkCrypto says:

Thanks for the tutorial dude!

mauricioaviator says:

I downloaded the Embercoin Wallet. However, my wallet is always out of sync. Could you help me?

Santosh Kumar Silari says:

hi does AWS gives free internet because you are leaving virtual machine only but what about internet (staking requires 24*7 internet right)

Lu says:

ok now how do you import your batup wallet?

TribTown Keerbergen says:

Hey great video. Just a question.
I installed GOKU Wallet like you explained. Everything worked perfect. Got even my first stake. But this morning my wallet on my windows VPS was gone. Tried to download again but it’s removed immediately by windows “firewall”. What to do now? How to fix this? Can you help my , would be great?

David Setiawan says:


MAK Tizi says:

when u close the virtual desktop , is the wallet still running in the background??


Thank you for this great video, it is just what I have been looking for. Thx and I subbed and liked 🙂

Rae Young says:

I am so grateful, thank you!!!!

Santosh Kumar Silari says:

how can i access vps using android mobile

Randal McCray says:

Have you ever had any virus issues with vps

CryptoT says:

Ember coin it is virtually worthless now

Ihor Honcharuk says:

Hi! Maybe you can help my with my issue. My wallet is always out of sync. Everywhere. On different devices and OS. Im new in it. Maybe I’m doing smth wrong?

CDBTC says:

BUY GOKU: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=GOKU_BTC#

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BitConnect: https://bitconnect.co/?ref=cdbtc1

Easily buy Bitcoins from anywhere in the world with Debit or Credit Cards:
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Mr. Bitcoin Líder says:

Great video man! Help me a lot!
Have you tried to run more than 3 wallets in vps?
Is there a cost for creating more than one instance?

Ryan Pellerin says:

Do you get faster stakes on AWS opposed to doing it on my computer?

D Co says:

It’s taking forever for the wallet to goku wallet to sync anyone know where to download blockchain

JL says:

How do I send my wallet? or do I have to create another?

Carlos Coliver says:

Hey Bro.. Nice tutorial! I have a question. Are u really sure you won’t be charged running this one wallet instance? Is it possible to run another coin wallet simultaneously? or you recommend only one? Is there any type of option to check the consumption of my running system in order to assure no charges? Sorry the amount of questions, But the Credit card is from my Brother and I don’t want to get him charges. Greetings from Venezuela!

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