How to Setup a Website on a VPS Server!

Looking for a quick, easy way of hosting a website on a VPS host? A virtual private server is particularly quick at serving webpages to users, and usually doesn’t cost a lot more than shared hosting.

In this example, I use DigitalOcean, which allows you to create a VPS server for just $5 per month! DigitalOcean, a simple cloud hosting company, have multiple datacentres in the USA, and Europe! This makes DigitalOcean one of the most popular web hosting companies for cheap VPS hosting!

To access DigitalOcean, please click the link below:

In order to manage our VPS server, we will use free open source software, such as zPanel. This enables us to manage services such as FTP, and MySQL databases! You can also use software such as WebMin to manage your VPS server, but I’ll cover that in another video.

You can download zPanel from the link below:

Or alternatively, click here to visit the installation tutorial:

Some other tools that are required in order to setup the VPS host:




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ChazTech says:

Thank you man this was very useful – just needed a few basics explained for me.

CardinalHijack says:

Is ubuntu optimal for web stuff? I thought CentOS was a better choice?

khwn prsty says:

thanks ..

David Vick says:

On its $3

Anonymous says:

I’m having an issue, I have my domain name pointed at the vps server’s ip and the domain set up on the zpanel but when I try to go through the domain name it just takes me to the z control panel instead of the site.

Shahrukh Hasan says:

Thank you Ben for making such a thorough and detail tutorial. It is a very refreshing to know that there is alternative to cPanel in OpenSource Community.
Thanks again for making this and sharing your knowledge.

Just one Q? = Do you have any insights on WHMCS (Installation&Configuration) like to integrate it with zPanel?
And have you tested DreamHost’s Dreamcompute and DreamObjects with Services like WHMCS and zPanel?

KianWorld says:

You can find a VPS for a lot cheaper on

محمد الامازيغي المغربي says:

Hi . Thank you for this video .

But this URL doesn’t work . Can you help me please ?

Sajib Mohanta says:

This steps is old go this link to create a website it’s worked

XxLeGal MoDz says:

I connect to the domain that I create and I get out of the zpanel

Shuhad Chowdhury says:

HI ben can I purely use Digital ocean for website hosting? I signed up the LCN yesterday they web hosting site but I dont understand how to get VPS and web hosting to work together or are they seperate?

Mridul Ahmed says:

Hi,Thanks for your video.
I got a problem while installing Zpanel.I’m using ubuntu 12.04 version.When I visited zpanel page,I found that they released a new version and only one line of code would install zpanel on the server.
I copied and pasted that line after login,but nothing happened.
I got this at the end(after login,and before using that line provided by zpanel)

New release ‘14.04.2 LTS’ available.
Run ‘do-release-upgrade’ to upgrade to it.
*** System restart required ***

along with some other lines which gave me some detail about my server.
How can I get rid of this?
Your help would be appreciated.

YohananDz says:

It says cloud server
Is cloud and vps the same?

Dan Jay says:

Very  useful. Thank You

Luke Brookes says:

out dated the links do not work.

soban khalid says:

is this free

TheGhostThatEyesYou says:

Is what you’ve demonstrated here enough for a production website, or is there more to be done? I’ve read about having to secure all that’s installed, from the OS to Apache, PHP, MySQL etc. How is that done? Do you have an idea or plan on making a video on that?

1111winter4w says:

How did you setup your DNS servers?

Robert Davis says:

Good tutorial. Does anyone recommend doing a VPS for speed? I know he said the specs for the VPS’ but I’m not sure how much it can handle. Compared to say bluehost or hostgator hosting?

BookMyIdentity says:

Having an ICANN approved domain registrar helps you have a cost-effective & quality domain! BookMyIdentity is an ICANN accredited domain registrar, providing superb domain registration service!

Rosa says:

going with gowankers : P , going to write my own database language and system :).

noobo says:

you dont explain how to make the dns/domain at all…

Amit Kumar says:

everything is fine…..i setup zpanel successfully….but i can’t login…where can i login in my cpanel….i got zpanel pass and id…but i dont know where i can addon domain….in ovh? where i can host files…?…i purched VPS 2014 Classic 1. please help me…..thank you….your videos is gerat…! please make more videos like this….this is helpfull…

Adebola Ismail says:

i bought a vps server and it came with isp manager do i need to install zpanel still ??

Differential Equations says:

so wheres the file manager

Technical Tyagi Ji says:

Thank you very much

dgt jack says:

Vultr: High Performance SSD Cloud

Jeet Kune says:

I have a real dedicated for far less. Plesk ftw. I do not understand why VPS is still an option these days when there’s dedicated for far less and dedicated memory, cores, and speed is by FAR superior in every way imo.

Nolram Ocinotrab says:

hi, great tutorial.. but i had some errors.. i cant connect using ftp to my zpanel.. i dont know y.
i followed your steps, but when i tried to connect using filezilla error occurred ..
please help me.. thank you so much….

Techanoid Solutions says:

You did a great job, but for the sake of web development
I am providing free access to my course
grab this full course here for Free (only for first 50 students )

Tom Hanks says:

I’m such a noob.

Creative Studios says:

Nice Tutorial But You Must Have To Show How How To Setup DNS Server

UnholyGaming2012 says:

Can you do this on Windows?

Overwatch Highlights says:

It will be so good to see a video tutorial setting up Ramnode into a Web host for static websites on their 128 ram ones without a cPanel. Using Debían mini and other lightweight apps to make it.

AwkwardYet says:

It worked but i had to do a few things different as the old way didnt work. 

Eryk Wróbel says:

Zpanel is not supported anymore.

Mohamed Sheeraz says:

cheapest VPS starting just $5 per month.

CHM says:

The prices on these Vps’s are insane. Are these current?

Father Finger says:

Great work! Do I need an Ubuntu machine in order to set up an Ubuntu vps server? or can be done with any Linux machine with any Linux flavor? thanks

one stone says:

Can you host multiple websites from the same server?

Trophonix says:

+BensTechTips Hey, when I go to it works but when I go to it redirects to

My domain name is with
Do you know why this is happening, and how do I fix it?

Daveswildcamping says:

Real good tutorial on setting up and hosting a virtual server. I haven’t used Zpanel only Cpanel and Webmin. I used to have my own dns mail and Web server running at home years ago using Centos with webmin on. But used cpanel ever since on shared hosting but considering going down the Virtual route and didn’t fancy paying extra for cpanel licence.
Cheers for the video.

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