Hak5 – OpenVPN Virtual Private Network Review and Watercooling Chipset Woes

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This week Shannon has a great Snubs Report on setting up a Virtual Private Network using your Google account, and Darren shares some lessons learned in Linux wireless chipset compatibility and motherboard selection in a segment that can only be dubbed “How I walked in for a USB dongle and left with an i7 rig”


Mehmet Akif Yaman says:

Intro & outro slave womann.. only used to make weird sounds

camrober says:

Wow, computer nerds meet hot chicks, this must be the only forum outside of hentai anime.

Mr Sam says:

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Q: Damn, could Shannon be a little hotter please?
A: No, thats impossible.

DJ Bohm says:

Shannon I keep having to go over these videos because I get too distracted looking at you….u r sooo attractive

Owen3 says:

Nice cans

Artur Stolper says:

I request a video where she is jumping up and down the whole show!!!! 😛

Nakul Goswami says:

sheeeeee issssss HOT…..

Anirban Bhattacharjee says:

How it’s different from Team viewer?

Michael Sarrail says:

Just skip the first 8:40, it’s a waste of time

Jack Kessel says:

Shannon, marry me!!!

Michael Stevens says:

Just skip to the end, and save your time.

Julian Riva says:

wow, i haven’t watch hak5 since my original ipad/podcasts, will start back up now for sure, much more appealing watching her.

Inachu Ikimasho says:

I have a yorkie  🙂

Norm Pacheco says:

wow! she really is gorgeous. thats probably why i have no idea what she was talking about. 

NSRacer says:

She said she loves puppies (8:52)… we have something in common

Sally Smith says:

Shannon reminds me of a quirky but calmer Cali Lewis 🙂

Defalt Dz says:

how to download porn video in one click plz

Danish Khan says:

Oh god u damn hot!!

Anabolik2k says:

Gorgeous (and smart) Gal…

ciscoallah says:

i came for Shannon i get darren?? not cool…oh, there she is….08:41

RoadOfBorrox says:

Unfortunately gbridge is gone

Anique Tahir says:

Windows XD

林炳辰 says:

who is that girl too sexy 

Huevo Duro702 says:

shes hot

Thom McHugh says:

Dam Shannon…whew!!!

jpe102 says:

DOS 5.

dashi dorzho says:

is that a turd on his chin?

Michael Antonio says:


Uttam Baroi says:

treat for mind and for eyes too – yummy

Bitsofskin says:

Shannon, will you marry me????

Murali Krishna Madavi says:


Hw0rg3n says:

Whats with the TWiT jacket, Darren?

reksub says:

some of the terminology is mental==packet sniffing  lol .sound like what a dog does to someone with vinegar knickers ..yeuch.haha.

Jim Mitchell says:

shirts got lower cut and the number of views increase

Hamlock Maneuver says:


Xdz Dop says:

3andk wahed zayzaaa pffff

kooora life says:


Jason Jayawardena says:

Only two things you could see in this video!

bnumber8 says:

comments did not disappoint

Lost InSec says:

I think I remember hearing the word “G-Bridge”…

LTDanno360 says:

So many hacker jokes about the hot host like Omg she so fine can i shlniff your connection or Omg hey baby l33t me tap dat port 69 yo*! Lmao pmslmao ok ok to many beers time for some hak 5 goodness and hands off guys she is married

backer odat says:

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please ?

brian420 says:

Backtrack times

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