Best VPS Hosting Services in 2018 – Which Is The Best VPS Host?

► Links to the VPS Hosting Services we listed in this video:

► 5. Fatcow –
► 4. Liquid Web –
► 3. iPage –
► 2. Hostgator –
► 1. NameCheap –

In this video, we listed the top 5 best VPS hosting services in the market in 2018. I made this list based on my personal opinion, and i tried to list them based on their price, quality, durability and more. If you have any other recommendations to add to this list, you can do so by leaving a comment down below.

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Bibou SiSi says:

I prefer Fatcow ! its very convivial

Kumarlavanya M says:

Useful information about VPS hosting services. I personally like FATCOW. Even it doesn’t have modern site and cutting edge hosting technology. But, their plans are easy to understand, it can be easily understood by small business beginner web developers and it has standard hosting features. Thanks for sharing.

Samantha Avery says:

wow these are very cheap

Bip in says:

Review is excellent and detailed as always. Hostgator will be suitable for me. Thank you so much for sharing…

logy2009 says:

Nice video, great list, thank you for sharing.


I was searching and dont have any in the youtube. May like this you will able to help more and more people like. Thanks.


can i work usa serve site this vps link

pradeep chouhan says:

very informative video.I recommend to my friends .Thanks for sharing

vaki d says:

Hostgator is still the best hosting service.

Vivan Joks says:

All 5 Hosting Services provide great service for a small amount of money, thanks to the videos.

vijay mohan says:

In my opinion NameCheap is the best one. What’s your’s?

Stefan Mitrovic says:

Very good and detailed content about VPS hosting services, thanks for sharing!

10BestOnes says:

► Links to the VPS Hosting Services we listed in this video:

► 5. Fatcow –
► 4. Liquid Web –
► 3. iPage –
► 2. Hostgator –
► 1. NameCheap –

Rajinder Kumar says:

Great video ! very useful and informative video about Best VPS, Review is excellent and detailed as always. Hostgator will be suitable for me. Thank you so much for sharing..

Popular Videos says:

Wow very useful video about Best VPS Hosting Services in 2018. Thanks for sharing this video.

Goran Filipovic says:

Great review, very interesting list. This are really the top quality web hosting in 2018.

Mile Stanoev says:

This is amazing video about VPS hosts, I will recommend to my friends !

Alessandro Gasparini says:

Great review. Hostgator is the best and I did not know NameCheap. Thanks!

Dave Wemmel says:

Promising list of VPS Hosting Services, all of them are up to the mark, still, I prefer Hostgator, anyway thanks for sharing.

Santosh Kumar says:

Previously was using Liquid Web hosting service for long due to its durability and quality as of now looking for New Hosting service checking out this video has helped me knowing best VPS Hosting Service overall thanks for sharing the video!!!

glista grand says:

NameCheap, is the deal number 1, it has the best prices, and it is easy to get involved with.

Ana Diaz says:

A while ago I was looking for several vps’s because I wanted to know how they worked and what were the best qualities, it is important to know their functions and choose the one that best suits our needs


online survey suppoted vps link please

palma raja 4 says:

It is a wonderful and smart way on how to differentiate the best VPS host. I really love it as it save a lot of my times to select

Carolina García says:

very good top, thank you very much for this information, you helped me a lot


This is very informative and useful video. This video presents with proper information. Thanks.

Lovely Ramirez says:

Thanks for such great info. I find this very useful

Mike Jokis says:

nice video, so helpful information about Best VPS Hosting Services, recommended to all !

William Khoury says:

can i use a vps even if my pc does not support virtualization i tried to turn it on but no option in my Bios to be able to turn it on please advise.

Nemanja Miloye says:

Great video please make more

Filip R says:

I like the fact that you were honest and realistic.You told every side-good and bad.Good job 😀

Sophia Shcherbakova says:

This is very nice video with excellent review. Very helpful and useful video, i like it. Thank you.

John Smith says:

Really great video, very informational and very useful as well. Interesting to follow through!

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