How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Needs – 8 Types Of Hosting Explained

In this video I will explain the differences between the 8 different types of web hosting for WordPress websites. My goal is to help you figure out the best hosting for your situation and needs, not mine.

Everyone is different after all. You may just need shared hosting, or want to step up to managed WordPress hosting, everyone’s needs are different.


They go to the same place :-). There you will find my recommendations and the up-time monitor along with information on the bonuses I offer when you order new hosting from that page.

Best Shared Hosting: video coming soon
Best Managed WordPress Hosting: video coming soon
Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting: video coming soon
Best Cloud Hosting: video coming soon
Best Managed Cloud Hosting: video coming soon
Best Reseller Hosting: video coming soon
Best VPS Hosting: video coming soon
Best Dedicated Server Hosting: video coming soon

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baguaarhatic says:

Great vid

Romeo Mariano says:

You look great with a yellow background. It complements your skin and has a happy look to it.

Pattie Barnett says:

I use A2 Webhosting – Low Monthly payments, fast and knowledgeable service, fast loading. Automatically install and update WordPress. Free SSL for sub domains. Super happy with A2 Webhosting after using BlueHost, GoDaddy (not good) and IPage (Really Bad) Web Hosts.

Alexander Bjerkvik says:

Anyone know of Hosting providers that migrate websites for free or very cheaply (in cPanel)? I have only come across those that migrate one website, which basically “forces” me to stick with my current provider, since I have 10. I use HostGator Cloud, and not happy with speed: just look at tritontrades . com

jds hempfarm says:

Hello Adam, A2 and your program with it is a good thing for me. My 2 cents worth is procrastination is gone from my day, thanks. Can you do one on Shop Keeper, if you have time? Thank You, David

Tonedog says:

I use a Reseller Account with WHM for my clients. I have a very small package with my provider that works perfectly for me; up to 20 accounts and a total of 10gb space. It may not seem a lot, but I live in the Falkland Islands and as we are so small, all people need is an online presence for basic info and sometimes an email tied into that. Using WHM to basically give each client their own account (and access if required) is so easy, I don’t know why I didn’t do it a long time ago!

And Adam, love your videos and you’ve taught me a lot. I used to use Adobe Muse (don’t judge me), but when they pulled the plug, I took the leap into WordPress and haven’t looked back!

Kartik Ahuja says:

Thanks Adam, learned a couple of things here, looking forward to the new hosting videos 🙂 on managed wordpress hosting would be changing to managed cloud hosting most prob

halbertech says:

Nice job Adam. If one intends to have multiple websites, I always advise that you look into reseller hosting as opposed to shared unlimited hosting. Security is the main reason why you should opt for reseller.

A.C Training Services says:

How do u do ur screen like that?

samurainovizio says:

Hello Adam, great video as always, i was just wondering if you ever tried out the VestaCP free control panel for managing VPS and eventually what are yout thoutghts about it. Thank you

Boneless Coding says:

I was waiting for this video, thank you!

Amine Seventy says:

Looking forward to all your “Best….” video’s I hope v soon and the behind scenes would be amazing

Craig Beaman says:

Very informative, Adam. Quick question: At 10:37, you mentioned a separate video on separate web/email hosting vs. using the same company to host. Have you released this video yet?

Naresh Kumar says:

Great Video as always..! Adam please release videos more frequently!

Grant Derridge says:

fyi, the image you used for the Ferrari is actually a Lamborghini. Great video though!

Jeb Bush says:

You do not really need to know linux to host your website unless you are actually hosting your website in a linux based hosting provider. There is one really good affordable cloud hosting company based in PHP cloud hosting that is super easy to use. AWS is a little challenge is your are a beginner.

Slinky says:

Thanks for your referral for DigitalOcean. Free $100 credit!

Sameer Khedkar says:

Great information, Adam, as always. Do you have a video on how to change the host?

For beginners..

West Woman Ede says:

I’ve always enjoyed watching your videos you’re very informative but the truth is that GoDaddy is not a host you want to deal with it the Wii cheat you off every penny you got mostly if you’re a novice with building websites so please everyone here should be very cautious of GoDaddy they want to sell you everything if possible sell you their brain I’ve had my own share of the experience and I watch couple of videos that are complaining of the same issue I have to experience with GoDaddy I’m sure they’re way better host out there who wants to help new website builders develop ideas thank you for your information you’re very good guy you seem like one please don’t advise anybody to use GoDaddy they’ll come back and stress you out have a nice day

Gregory Watson says:

I have been using GetLark hosting company for some months. I am very satisfied with the speed of loading pages, the quality of technical support. In addition, I earn money with them, for the order of another customer. I recommend 100%.

Muzaffar Siddiqui says:

Very nice video, waiting to see this type of video. Thanks. Adam, do you know about NameHero hosting provider? They have very cheap packages and I have seen very good reviews about them. Any feedback from anyone? I am currently using inMotion shared hosting Pro package and happy with it. Although, NameHero offering their lowest reseller package in almost same cost of inMotion Hosting shared hosting Pro package.

Kevin Roberts says:

Thanks Adam. As always, very practical info. One thing I notice from comments in other forums is that a hosting provider might get rave reviews in one part of the world, and poor reviews in another. Figuring your reach is world-wide (!) it would be good to know your recommendations in various regions (say, North America, Europe, Australia, etc.) if you have any. I’m only interested in North America, but maybe others following would like to know for their regions.

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