Best WordPress Shared Hosting Companies & How To Choose The Right Website Host For You

In this video, I’ll show you how to choose a WordPress shared hosting company and the things to look out for. At the end, I will make some recommendations and explain why they are the best shared hosting services.

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8 types of hosting:

InMotion Hosting

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Jaison Abraham Roy says:

The price after renewal looks similar to square space for people who does bogging. Do you recommend to go through one of this hosting providers and build from scratch or go with something like square space? ( For newbies who wants to have a bogging site)

Marco glazenwasserij says:

Still the king thank you adam You really helped me with your videos ciao from italie

kon filip says:

Hello Adam,
I want to thank you for your so useful content, I want also to ask you something: I have one of my sites in Cloudflare for the last half a year. When I got in, I was in the 2nd page for my main keyword. Later started a few problems here and there (520 error) that made my site invisible.
The last 2 months the problems stopped after the help of CF support team but my website continues to be dissapeared for the main kwrds. Do you think that the hosting provider plays a role on these results?

Kevin Roberts says:

Excellent advice, as usual.

Dastgeer Moon says:

You provided great info in this video. thanks

Sakthivel S says:

Adam, please make videos like always you do….this presentation style boring & causing sleepiness

Crucible says:

If I could download and share with everyone my Blue Host support tickets and conversations over the years, you would NEVER use them… I moved 20+ websites away from them, and also GoDaddy. If you’re going to bet your business or a clients business on it? Use someone like WPEngine or FlyWheel. Charge clients accordingly. My .10 cents thanks for the video!

riaz ahamed says:

hey can you themeforest webste creation in wordpress

technavneet says:

GoDaddy is really bad company to host your website.

Yvon Marier says:

Great info. I’ve been using BlueHost and very happy with their service and live support.

John Wagner says:

Good presentation. Great advice

Last First says:

Blue host has a high affliate fee, right?

webdesignfaster says:

I built some websites for clients on siteground i found it to be good but one of my clients got their domain blacklisted and siteground wanted to charge them $200 instead of telling how to do it for free..

Lanardo says:

Hey Adam, what video editing software you use to create your videos and thumbnail please? says:

Siteground also has the free option to Cloudflare cdn. You need it when you sell products world wide. And their server cache beats every caching plugin in my opinion…

Jack Johnson says:

My experience has been quite different with all 3 of the hosts you recommend. A few years ago I tried SiteGround, but they were unable to successfully transfer the first site I tried to move to them. (I was able to move that site to another host myself, so it wasn’t the site’s problem.) I tried A2 because of their reputed 99.9% uptime & reliability, and had more downtime than I’ve ever had on any host before or since. I’ve used InMotion for over a year, but I’ve experienced frequent short outages and periods of poor performance with them. I am also using Bluehost’s cloud hosting service, and it (perhaps surprisingly) has been faster and more reliable for me than either A2 or InMotion. Just a data point; YMMV.

Richard Wade says:

With the SSL is that also applied to the multiple sites, without paying more? (eg on A2 hosting)

John Locke says:

Great video Adam. I would add to this, if you hear a “known” person in WordPress endorsing a hosting company, make sure that they actually have experience using it. Many people endorse hosting companies because they have a friend that works there.

Grant Spoon says:

Trust is why we keep listening to you Adam. I wish i could agree on A2 hosting though. Several years ago had to ask for a refund it was so bad. I’ve never had issues with the few EIG owned hosts I’ve used, only changed because of their prices. I’m with namecheap right now and very happy. Hosting reviews are very difficult to trust in general and therefore hard to decide. Good information though.


Hey Adam nice video again, great reviews about hosting companies. Wish I was big enough to make a review for my company too. I heard you that you said to not trust small companies but I think in terms of support many times is better to have a small company. Anyway hope in the future to get in your eyes because I believe I make some difference even against big companies.

eric moldero says:

More advanced beaver builder / themer vids with cpt and custom fields and advanced responsiveness please! Keep up the great work! I watch and rewatch you daily!

Dan Tetreault says:

What is staging?

JoelsBlog Tv says:

Please who has the All in One Schema pro

Another Millennial says:

Learning about WordPress from Gru never gets old! Great vid.

Ana Fernandez says:

I’ve been using Siteground for about 3 years now and they have been awesome in every way! Especially for someone like me (a senior) I have found their support to be very patient and helpful. I also love their built in caching.

Jay-Leandro Uchiha says:

I’ve heard about siteground but I love InMotion too much to leave. Great, concise and informative video!

PROHadFX says:

What does the number of visits per month mean? Is it like the cumulative total amount of visit that you get starting from Day 1 to Day 30 or is it like 10,000 users going on at the same time?

Pez Reloaded says:

Your videos and reviews are always informative and trustworthy.

Peter King says:

Hi Adam, I have been enjoying your great youtube videos for some time. I checked on your website, but found some discrepancies with
E.g., for A2 hosting, it shows disruption at the latter site on Oct 16 but not on yours which says it is 100%.
Similarly Immotion on Oct 15, 16. What caused these discrepancies? Thanks.

Joy Nanda says:

We’ve been so happy with InMotion for the last two years because their tech support is very knowledgeable and US based. It’s just so annoying to have a complex technical problem and be speaking to someone at Support who not only has no understanding of the issue at all, but can’t even speak English in a way that is understandable. I have noticed in the last month or so an increasing number of issues with back up restoration and file issues with inmotion, and also a tendency for the support to be in tiers, meaning that there’s a lot of hold time while the first level person is consulting with the people who really have the answers. Hopefully this is just a temporary situation as they bring a new staff. Even though a recent YouTube review placed the speed at InMotion Hosting Inc. below A2 and some other hosts, I will definitely stick with InMotion as long as their support continues at the high-level we have come to love and depend on.

Gail Becker says:

Thank you for taking the time to explain everything! I have been looking for the best web hosting company and domain but too afraid to buy one!

Last First says:

What do you think of dreamhost shared hosting? There was some blog where a guy mentioned that we should not buy hosting from EIG companies or something. I heard very bad things about GoDaddy too

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