Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2019

Want the best web hosting for wordpress? Get A Discount Below!
1. Siteground: ( Up To 70% Discount)
2. GreenGeeks
3. Namehero –
4. Hostpapa
5. A2Hosting (51% Discount)
6. Liquid Web
7. Bluehost
8. WP-Engine
9. Godaddy
10. Hostinger
11. Media Temple
12. InMotionHosting
13. HostGator
14. TMDHosting ( Use Darrel626 For 7% OFF )
15. Ipage

In this video, i fully test ALL web hosting providers to bring you the best web hosting for your wordpress website! Hopefully by now you have enough information on what you need for switching to some of the best web hosting companies. I fully tested each web hosting and i was very surprised by the web hosting results.

I used this free plugin to monitor my hosting

i also used manage wp to watch the uptime for each web hosting

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Jim Burgoon says:

Which one do you recommend for someone starting a podcast?

Jimmy Chua says:

Thank you! This is very helpful

Jack Kodiak says:

Where else can you get this kind of detailed information, and light hearted commentary? Nowhere. Great job Darrel ….

Beowolf says:

You are the best!!! By the way, their prices go up after the first year especially Siteground.

Tinko Gruev says:

I will mention inhostmotion is verry good and fast for ecommece website ,have verry good support as well

David Caldwell says:

Thank you for the video. Very thorough research. Amazingly helpful

Create Wealth says:

i will buy from your affiliate link only. I mean such great info, free of cost. Insane!
I was about to buy from hostgator but thought i’d rather check the greatest source of truth: YouTube.

Stock Wang says:

best 4 free webhosting . 1.award space . 2.byet host. 3.5gbfree 4.000webhosting

jamiekrista says:

Genius, thank you very very much! Incredibly helpful.

HoeneSpringsMike says:

Thanks for taking the money (!) and time to prepare this very thorough examination of hosting. I’m from a ‘data-driven’ background and you have provided well documented facts!

Baldeep Birak says:

Great thorough test Darrell. Thanks.

Randy says:

Thank you for this information, this is very informative. I personally like Green Geeks, due to them being environmentally friendly. I would also choose site ground and a2 as backups and probably inmotinon hosting as well.

sabbir ahmed says:

Many thanks for this independent view Darrel. I’ve gone with A2 and used your link 🙂

Максим Войтик says:

советую попробовать well-web net/virt-private-serv/
начал им пользоваться около года назад, цены от 490 руб, за VPS
сбоев не было совсем, почти все абузы игнорят, панель, веб сервер и т.п. ставят и настраивают бесплатно! сайты работают всегда без каких либо проблем, грузятся мгновенно, ssd, http2, перенос делают бесплатно, настраивают сервер, помогают поставить CMS и т п
саппорт в любое время дня и ночи отвечает, помогают настроить кеширование, восстанавливали разок доступы к админке сайта даже, так как сменил и не записал их. И это все на VPS! Они у них с полным администрированием. Так же благодаря их акциям, можно взять сервер довольно дешево!!!
Рекомендую от души, пока акция не закончилась, очень выгодно.

Dianne Sam says:

You just gained a subscriber cause you are so truthful…thanks❤

Darrel Wilson says:

Thanks for watching guys, let me know your experiences with some of these web hosting companies!

Michael Taiwan says:

Shared hosting or Managed WordPress hosting? 2 different services for hosting WordPress

Susan Hornsby says:

Thanks so much. I know NOTHING about any of this and I need a website for my new business. I’m struggling with no help. I decided to go with SiteGround and used your link. Wish me luck!

Youssef Naich says:

I bought GreenGeeks hosting before 16 days, they didn’t activate it and every time I contact them they told me it will be activated soon, for 12days and I didn’t get anything, so I asked for my money back, as are they mentioned on their website that you have 30 days money back guarantee, but in reality they’re lying there is no hosting and no money back, they took my 75$ so they will take your money too, GreenGeeks is just a thief company, so if you want to keep your money I advise you to avoid them, look for other web hosting company like Bluehost, GoDaddy, Namecheap …

Elevating WP says:

Great review, but no Cloudways or Kinsta?

Pickles0711 says:

Bluehost does have a cpanel.

Callum northey says:

I reccomend

Tommy Lee says:

Awesome unbiased review with facts and real world results. Everybody claiming they are the fastest with great support and the one with the most ads seems to win the crowd but they are really not the best. Thanks for being honest about the “Unlimited” offers 21:00 that’s a catchy word for advertisement that everybody likes to use but performance throttles, good to know lol. I’m a big fan and you are one of the best teacher on youtube for WordPress. Much respect. Thanks.

Alex Hussein says:

Didn’t watch the whole video but I appreciate you taking the time to make it so I purchased a Siteground package from your referral link!

mrdrich4prez says:

Im so lost, I never heard of most of these companies, and to find out that wasn’t on the list I knew I was with the wrong company.

Rowland O'Connor says:

Github pages. Free.

jawahar s says:

Thanks for video,get an affordable web hosting service at sixthstar technologies , for more details:

Han Solo says:

I’m on wpengine right now and I don’t recommend it. The price, mediocre speed for my woocommerce site….I’m moving today!

sabbir ahmed says:

the video is very nice

Catherine Bonds Pabon says:

I will be making my decision tonight and will use one of your links! Thx for this excellent review and hopefully you have already recouped your investment and made a profit!

Adi Mast says:

Hey Darrel,
thank you soo much for the awsome and great and also honest video!
This is definetely one of the best videos i have ever seen verry correct and honest this will help a lot of people to choose the right hoster.
All other reviews in the internet are like fake, thanks to you people will make a great decision.
Thanks again! 🙂 Guys and girls please like and share this video to other people and also subscribe to him he deserve it!

Christian Lecuyer says:

Hey Darrel, I just watch this video and I am pleased to see “Hostpapa” in the top of your list since I host more than 70 websites for the last 10 years.
Thank you for all that great info… keep making those awesome video and I will keep giving you a thumbs up 🙂

Vlad Filatov says:

Беру хостинг тут – well-web net/ssd-hosting , по сравнению с другими хостерами сайты летают супер быстро. Хостинг от 159 рублей, на очень быстрых SSD и с нормальным каналом! ТП помогает в любых вопросах и в любое время. Помогают настроить акк, модули там всякие, под любые хотелки – бесплатно!!! НИКОГДА не бывает 508 ошибок! Что меня радует, так как на всех хостах часто появлялись!! Бесплатный перенос сайтов(можно даже просто дать архив и они сами его распакуют на хостинге. Можно откинуться на спинку стула и ждать), бесплатные SSL навсегда, автоустановка CMS(всяких там wordpress, joomla, opencart, dle и т.д.), домены бесплатные и еще много приятных халявных плюшек. Все нравится, буду потихоньку все сайты к ним переносить. РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!

Pablo Blanco says:


Bruno Romeo says:

hi, i want to create a website,what i must do create a domain or a wordpress ,is webhosting is most important that wordpress i have money only for domain and either wordpress or webhosting ,waiting for an answer thanks

Fenn God says:

Darrel Wilson . I have a question. It says the regular price of siteground is $11. Now it is only $3. Does that mean i need to pay $3 for the first month and then $11 for the others?

Cee Dee says:

Thank you. This makes it much better for me to choose. I am very new to this.

Online Verve says:

Very good video. I am an A2 Hosting fan.

Lasse Kieffer says:

Hey thanks for the review!
Do you know if any of the top three offers an “all domains and hosting on one bill a year” service?
I used before, and each time I added a domain to my account it resulted in a bill that calender day ever year. 15 domains purchased at 15 dates = me filling in 15 different bills in the accounting system of my company… Damn annoying!
Any recommendations?

Crafted Wolf says:

Thanks Derrel, nice information, however i am very new into all these. i am starting a online store with Shopify, i decided to go with Siteground based on your review. appreciate it

Hezron Abu says:

Need time stamps per. host review…

peach daisy says:

Im considering siteground because I heard a lot from my blogger friends that siteground is very good. I currently use bluehost but it will end soon in next month, and after I watch this video,, now I know for sure what’s hosting company that I want for the next years and I’ll probably will buy it via your link, thank you 🙂

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