Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2018

Are you looking for the best web hosting for your wordpress website hosting? In this video, I test each of these web hosting providers to bring you accurate hosting results for your wordpress website. Below are the web hosting companies I tested in this video. Some are pretty cheap web hosting companies and others are more pricier!

1. Siteground: (GET 60% OFF HERE)
2. WP-Engine:
3. DreamHost:
4. GreenGeeks:
5. a2Hosting: ( Use Code Darrelwp55 for 55% off first purchase!
6. HostGator: (use code darrel99 or darrelwp25)
7. BlueHost:
8. Webhostingpad: ( Use code darrel25 to save 25% off entire hosting!)

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Elizabeth Taylor says:

GetLark is the best hosting solution for WordPress. Very simple installation, simple customer panel, free testing period.

Trollo lollo says:

Zakładasz lub posiadasz własną firmę/stronę internetową?
Potrzebny serwer VPS?
A może serwer dedykowany i domena np .pl?
Jeżeli domena to polecamy Hosting z wyprzedażą 90% i Certyfikatami SSL za 1 zl
Mamy 18 lat doświadczenia, własne centrum danych, wielu zadowolonych klientów, a także łącza od 6 operatorów
Gwarantujemy Pomoc techniczną i monitoring 24/7, kopie zapasowe i bezpieczeństwo serwerów przed atakami hakerskimi

Bezpieczny Link do oferty =

Team Aliasger says:

Hi Darrel you’re videos are excellent. thank you for all the info and time you put into these. I’m a real estate agent in Canada and looking to create my WordPress website, do you also offer web design services?

John Hille says:

So do you have affiliate discount arrangements with any of these hosting companies that you recommended?

Top 10 - Wild Masters says:

thanks for vid but pls how about company can u check it pls

Myra Toy Review & Fashion Kids says:

But I highly dont recommend Hostgator for there bad and rude and long waiting customer service.

Abj Liberia says:

Great video Darrel but I host all my site at Hostgator

hackzot says:

Domitree is the best web hosting for wordpresss i have been using since 3 years thank for your video is very informative

Nihad Shillo says:

it depends on server location and test location. You must state both location so that we can really compare and choose . But nice experiment plz also do one to test money back guarantee and include tmd hosting.

Jane Smoak says:

I recommend that you try GetLark. They allow you to install WordPress very quickly and also help you to move it between hosts for free. For 3 months you can test for free, then only pay 5 USD per month. The package includes free SSL, automatic backup.

Erkan Aren says:

Thanks for your honest video, it was really helpful. I have been using HostGator for years and it was fine but this year was horrible. One thing to say for Hostgator: get away from it…..It is not the best thing when you wake up and you see that your sites and apps are not working because the server is down when you didn’t do any changes in your codes or databases. If it happens once it is understandable. But when it happens like every second day and their support sucksand they don’t have anything to say for the issue then it is time to change. Get away from BlueHost too, they are owned by the same hosting company (EIG) and from what I read everyone had the same issues with them. I will choose A2 or SiteGround I think but I didn’t decide yet. Thanks again for the video.

Nabil Mahfoud says:

Bro..Whats About FastComet How This Company Work…Thank You Sir

Drew Spinoso says:

I have GoDaddy and InMotion – Both have good customer service and Inmotion has Cpanel (GD Doesn’t) I’m looking into Dream Host thank you!

hussein mohsen says:

Hi Darrel;
I want your opinion about (mochaHost web hosting)
It’s very cheap … so that make me afraid from it,
I trust your opinion.

Afrim Morina says:

start a web hosting that is the cheapest and very easy

Akwasifm Forson says:

checkout this one best of all..

Prabhmeet singh says:

What about Fastcomet? And where i can buy affordable woocomerce fast hosting?

M Sabir says:

Hi sir if my site is getting 100k+monthly trafic then ? Which hosting u suggest and which plan?

Регина Новикова says:

Good luck to you all !!

Mohammad Kalam says:

You can try this because Hostgator Web hosting made EASY and AFFORDABLE, guarantee to you24/7/365 Support, 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 99.9% Up time.

Muhammad Shahbaz says:

I have almost 6 year+ experience in which I have analyzed that the Blue Host is the best for webhosting if you are new and don’t know anything about the best and cheap web hosting providers Here is the Solution the best and cool webhosting service provider is the Bluehost have a look

Ahmad Maqsood says:

Siteground provide only 30 gb shared hosting… Is it enough storage .? Bluehost provide more storage

Drew Spinoso says:

I would think it’s important to note where you are located! Distance does matter to the hosting company. No?

Emanuil Kostadinov says:

It is not fair doing some tests on http:// and others on https://. Obviously https:// would be faster with HTTP/2

Web hosting says:

Cheap hosting here
Earn money from affiliate please share this site in your all tutorials and get money

Mahipal Singh says:

hi, can i use wordpress hosting for domain like, it has thousdands of post and images, based on wordpress theme and sql database, thanks in advance

Husni Ahamed says:

Best Video Ever!!!!! I really like your honesty keep it up bro, you really helped me out 🙂

RickLee Johnson says:

I got problem with slow wp dashboard and extreme slow loading customizing theme I’m using InmotionHosting (shared Power) and OceanWP theme, any issues you have too or had? any resolutions?

pelle makarna says:

Darrel you talk about in one of your videos about wordpress hosting group on facebook I can’t find it

Seeking Options says:

for those who wants to run their own Apps and services, AWS, or the best is digital ocean, simple easy to set, and very reliable. here is 10 Dollar for anyone wants to try it out.. DigitalOcean: Cloud Computing, Simplicity at Scale

If you want shared environment not too techy then Bluehost is great.. The Best Web Hosting :


This is best hosting buyer website. Test this one friends…


Agree that Finding the right blog hosting solution is crucial for the success of your blog. Anyone can get props for creating and setting up a basic website, however, the perfect blog host can take your basic blog and turn it into a profitable business.
Just wrote an article about the same concern ,you may check it here if you like :

Harold Black says:

I have tried many website hosts and for me WP engine and Site Ground belong to the top. Unfortunately I can’t afford WP engine anymore but as soon as I can I’ll join them again. Last but not least, I think that A2 hosting is also becoming better. More on

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