Best Web Hosting 2016? My Reviews for the Top Sites

What is the best web host out there in 2016? I’ll give you all my thoughts after using well over 100 different web hosts.

1) Hostgator

Link to Hostgator =


1 cent = 1centawesomeness

If you’re looking for a web host right now I would just go with host gator. They’re the easiest to use injured going to get your information right away. There are a lot of other hosts out there where they’re going to have to approve units can be some long process. I also like them because they’re going to be reliable for you.

What I mean by this is that when you go to your website you’re going to be able to have it loaded for you and it’s going to load fast. I have used a lot of web hosting the past where you tried to go to your website and you’re knocking to be able to access it and it is extremely annoying.

It’s so much better and easier when you know that you’re going be be able to get to your website when you want to. This is why I personally just wouldn’t even mess around and just go with hostgator. There are other ones that I approve of of course that you can use inches blue host or dream host. But I find host gator to just be the easiest to use for someone who’s just getting into this now especially.

I know there’s give you some annoying people in the comments’s telling me how there is a web host is certainly the best. But really it probably is a stinker.

Let me know your guy’s thoughts about the best web hosting for 2016.


squareteam88 says:

hostgators customer service has went to hell over the last 6 years… Be prepared to deal with Boomshika rushing to get off the phone with you.

Platinum Research: Local Search says:

Never go with EIGI Group 🙁

Sulfen says:

Ever since EIG bought out bluehost and hostgator their service has gone downhill. Avoid all EIG owned hosts.

Debabrata Acharjee says:

Guys, if you are looking for webhost , let me tell you
I happily recommend you the Host i use. Its been several years, no Problems, awesome service!! Click on the link bellow

Hasan Raza says:

Nice Video and I would like to suggest that Cloudways is also one of the best web hosting provider, the things that make them best is the list of impressive features offered by them including 1- click installation solution, user friendly easy to use console, backups management on hourly basis, dedicated servers with firewall protection and 24/7 monitoring & support.

crysler says:

it sounds more like affiliate marketing to hostgator instead of comparison between the web hosting companies ….

Jenny Schmid says:

inMotion Hosting ist the best i have 1 yers and dont buy my hostgator the are to slow

M F says:

hostgator a joke

Debay Ous says:

Hostgator is racist crap

EvenStar LoveAnanda says:

Wow, I even saved a bullet…

Naturallysweet08 says:

Hi Justin, have you tried ehost?

Johnny jengels says:

GVO is the worst scam

C Sankar says:

Fat cow is the best web hosting i have using last 7 years

Widnerson Jacques says:

Click on the link below to see the best web hosting

Phillip Ables says:

wow buddy, the comments killed this. i was coming down here to say how awesome the first eleven seconds was and now im moving on. Great energy and tone, really had me thinking this was awesome. still liking it

Adan Walsh says:

“If you french fry when you pizza your gonna have a bad time.” Thanks for the advice Justin though lots of people seem to hate Host Gator so I’d love a more in depth review.

jehan muse says:

try fastcomet bro..u can get free hosting when u refer 5 friends to sign up

John Augustin says:

What do you think about ipage hosting bro?

Emanuil Kostadinov says:

yet another reseller trying to get commission

Mina Taher says:


those 4 hosting service are owned by the same scammer company , all of them are scammers

Amy Hagaman says:

If you want free hosting you can get it at Kimservers website (just google it and there is a link at the top)

jay hustlenomics says:

bluehost is offering discounts

Amr Ali says:

free web hosting 1cent for frist month use this coupon “startfreemonth”

UK Garage Gold - Classic Vynl Collection says:

‘Siteground’ rules

noonmonsoon says:

Try 000webhost:
I have been using it for a few months now. It’s great. You can also get WordPress on it. And best of all it’s even FREE.

C. Conley Jill says:

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform & Cloud App Management Service :

Michelle says:

Can you download wordprss from Host Gator?

Сергей Л. says:

Hostgator is big customer ignorance rubbish company

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