Your Linux Server: Sandstorm 002

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Og Maz says:

Wendell lost his accent for a brief moment at 4:17

Aint1S says:

always think of Beowulf when you two make a video…

Undead Knight says:


Msquare Gaming says:

Hey wendell can you show how to custom ssl in sandstorm ?

asrsi says:

I don’t understand what this has to do with a home-server cloude? This is not a home-server… there are many things missing for that. It’s only adv video…

EposVox says:

Lol you keep complaining about the “cloud” term the whole video. I get it.. ha

Pablo Rodriguez says:

when is the new one coming?

HoeBlogggs says:

ifconfig is deprecated, please stop using it. “ip a” does what you’re after.

Yoosuf Muneer says:

Waiting for the next part. Darude 003

GlaciatorGaming says:

During LAN Syndicate lol

SmurfKiller013 says:

Ehm. Dare I ask why you’re using Windows on TekLinux?

SaveRaptor says:


sosolidgold says:


steaker1705 says:

$5 for a .tech domain?
I got mine from namecheap for 88 cents for a year

Jack White says:

Those linux server videos are incredibly valuable to me right now. Thanks guys, please keep em coming.

Laughing Cheeze says:

Ubuntu Server I assume? They aren’t using regular Ubuntu are they?

Matthew Hunt says:

Any chance of getting a Tek Linux specific patreon? I get that it would go to the same place, and I wouldn’t mind that, but I think it would at least help show the number of people specifically interested in funding more Tek Linux episodes!
If that’s not likely to happen, do the Tek Syndicate patrons have a say in future Tek Linux episodes (or frequency), or is that mainly for discussing the news that appears on The Tek? Thanks!

thorerik says:

You should start calling it the fog instead…

No Face Killah says:

Can a Pi 3 run this?

mario soto says:

watching this I died a little inside about 15 times. 😉

Questionable Commands says:

Re: “There is no cloud”
I’m okay with calling things cloud even if it does make me sigh a little. What really, REALLY kills me is, “personal cloud.” That’s just plain an oxymoron and should never be used except in the most ironic of contexts.

James White says:

Great video but why browsing from a Win PC 🙁

IIBANEgamingII says:

Love it! Keep them coming.

stryk187 says:

I hate “the cloud” as a descriptive term — it’s been overtaken by the marketing departments and product packaging people.

niamaru2 says:

hehe YAY the channel isnt dead !

Doug Soutar says:

What’s the name of the song?

_ _ says:


N ytonial says:

whats the name of this distro?

Terrance Grant says:

The CLOUD!!!!!!!!

shaw 2018 says:


Angelos Kouratzinos says:

I can’t get it to bloody work dammit

Cap. Ben Jammin says:

Nice Video, can’t wait for more.

Folopolis says:

Doesn’t change default SSH port, c’mon man!

Stanislav Manilov says:

Nice video! You mistyped the domain name to ‘pwnd.[…]’ when setting up ‘postfix’.

System Void says:

Why bother making these videos if you’re going to use a control panel?

S Stewart says:

It works on 16.04 fine.

TheBibliofilus says:

So is Grizzle Wendell’s office enforcer?

jasonc_tutorials says:

Wow that’s pretty cool service.

Jayden Hawkes says:

another great tutorial, my only complaint is there is not more of them on this channel.

Olaf I. says:

Add the tongue and we have the Nirvana smiley 🙂

Joe Knockenhauer says:

I’m noticing that a LOT of linux applications are starting to instruct people to install them by piping bash after a wget or curl. It’s really not cool. Especially to newcomers that might not understand how dangerous that is.

Harshal Lele says:

is the setup the same if i self host ?
Also, can i do this in like an lxc container just to try it out at first?

TheDrewSaga says:


John Bennett says:

Wendell, you know that you can search for packages without installing aptitude right? Just run an apt search.

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