Why Xamarin Is Awesome

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Vamsi Kavety says:

xamarin vs qt for Mobile Apps ??

Ima SuperPerson says:

The benefit is that it lets you write phone code using a bastardized (non-standard) version of C#. That’s it. You still have to know the phone API (which isn’t EVER going to change) – and you need to understand how phone apps work. So if you’re unable to adapt to other, very similar development languages, then yes – use Xamarin. I could care less what language I have to use. Java, C# whatever. It doesn’t slow me down one bit.

OneManModder says:

Hey I’ve been watching your videos recently,I seen you are a software developer, is there any way I can contact you privately

gaz91au says:

Nice video Chris, my company is currently using Xamarin.Android and im finding it nice to use. You also pointed out Pinterest and Slack uses Xamarin, but in fact, they only use Xamarins Test Studio, their apps are built natively with Swift and Java

Alejandro Coronas says:

chris i like your videos ,but i think you should do podcasts

EnduranceT says:

+Chris Hawkes

Honestly, I don’t give a shit what the JS-only hipsters say, C# is an extremely well-engineered language. Bill Gates even said that Anders Hejlsberg is a genius and he’s right. If you look at this page even, look how much C# has refined that Java has not: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_C_Sharp_and_Java

Don’t get me wrong, JavaScript is awesome. But I’m sick of these dipshits acting like JS is doing things that other languages haven’t or couldn’t do, just because all they have known their whole life is browser JS and Node has opened them up to native programming.

I find it hilarious that StackOverflow rated JS as the most used language or whatever, yet C/C++ or in some cases Java programming is in watches, nearly every part of every car, scanners and other industrial electronic devices, the lunar lander, rockets, clocks, speaker systems, battery chargers, hard drives, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, PLCs, air purifiers, etc… The damn web browsers that run JS are themselves made out of C and C++, on top of an OS that is also made of C and C++.

But no, JS is teh kingzzzz n rules d worldz… Get the hell out of here.

JJSmith Lago says:

I went to a meetup where they demonstrated Xamarin. It was a trap to try to hire people but they did show Xamarin. It was nice.

typeShift says:

I like how the video explains the dark side 11:50

ChristFan868 says:

How do you think it compares to the Ionic Framework?

Sonu JATT says:

What you think about wordPress? if possible can you make video on that.

julian johnson says:

Wow this answered many of my questions that I didn’t expect to find here

L Ting says:

Interesting overview; this should bring greater awareness onto cross platform development tooling.

Frederick Pearson says:

U can use dotnet core on any platform now so u can run it on ubuntu for example on linode or digital ocean.

Ima SuperPerson says:

VS 2017 Pro is NOT free. The stand-alone version is about 500 bucks. And more if you do the subscription service. Don’t think MS is going to give you all the tools you need for nothing. That is not how it works.

__init__ py says:

how about a xamarin tutorial in the future ? and nice vídeo

Ima SuperPerson says:

I DO love C#. It’s my main squeeze, for sure. However, it’s not enough these days to keep you employed. It’s one piece of a big puzzle.

Atomsk says:

Update: Was just wondering if you heard about the full page ad Slack took out against Microsoft on the subject of their new Teams app termed as a Slack killer. Thought it might be something interesting I’d like to hear your thoughts on.

Awesome video, Chris. I’m looking forward to your follow-up. I’ve been interested in Xamarin for a while and they even provide an offer to do a couple of months free at Xamarin University.

I’ll probably consider picking it up myself after I have a 9-5 doing ASP.NET which is what I’m focusing on at the moment.

Doug0101 says:

Can you publish Xamarin apps to the google play store?

Daniel Liljeberg says:

C++ Builder with Firemonkey and support for native applications on Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and soon Linux was a surprise. I have used all kinds of other languages and solutions for dev3lopment on different platforms before but this rally has me interested.

Abdulla Nalappad says:

Just was wondering if you started making app with Xamarin?

first name says:

doesn’t xamarin use an older version of the java sdk ?

I have the newest sdk installed, but I think it wanted the older one
so I just said forget it

Mahmut Jomaa says:

+Chris Hawkes

Your C# experience is outdated. I’m using ASP.NET Core since 2014 and hosting my WebApps on Debian/Linux (DO/Linode). ASP.NET Core is really awesome and a pleasure to work with. Install VS2017 and give it a try.
I personally use PostgreSQL and SQLite. It is even supported by Entity Framework.
No licensing costs involved 🙂

Ima SuperPerson says:

SQL Server can be expensive if you don’t know what version to use, or how to work the CALs. But it’s affordable for a small business if you leverage web services in your apps, and you aren’t going to get that level of performance from the shareware DBs like MySQL. Just ain’t gonna happen. If you start with MySQL and expect to migrate later to a real database like SQL Server, you’re going to fail. Plan for growth or plan to stagnate, but don’t expect a mid-course transition. It will be a disaster. I hate MS, but we know a production quality DB when we see one.

Mohammad L says:

Xamarin always excite me, I want to build apps with it, but I am still with Java and Android Studio learning. Since Xamarin uses C# and Microsoft things are pain in the *** to use in Mac.
I just knew from you that Visual Studio Code available for Mac, that would be a great start if I want to jump to C# to use Xamarin maybe in the future.

I’m waiting to hear more about Xamarin topics from you.

basdfgwe says:

it’s even better now that Microsoft owns it.

InnomotionMedia says:

Thank you, but the most important part (how to implement ads into your
c# android app) is missing. I found something helpful here:
This app shows you how to implement ads in c#! Happy coding 🙂

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