What Is The Best VPS Provider To Choose? Linode, RamNode, Digital Ocean, VULTR

In this video I discuss my experiences/mileage with several Virtual Private Server providers that I have used. I also discuss the pros and cons of each provider and what they can improve on. VPS Providers discussed in this video are as follows:
Digital Ocean
DME Hosting
Amazon Web Services
I also have experience with:
Swiftlayer Shells
Google Cloud Compute
Microsoft Azure


mesho itti says:

which one lowest ping?

Harry P says:

Thanks for the video, to be honest I am using vultr and it is pretty good with loading fast.
I would recommend everybody read comparisons between Linode, RamNode, Digital Ocean and VULTR hosting from this article http://forumweb.hosting/13126-vultr-vs-ovh-vs-ramnode-vs-linode-vs-digitalocean.html
Hope it helps!

camelCased says:

Thanks for the video, this was really informative. It’s not easy to find such aggregated real-life experience reports; most web sites compare only numbers and prices, but in reality a cloud service can be killed by other factors which comparison sites rarely account for.

For example, currently I am using Azure (free BizSpark offer) and while in general it is fine, but I’m experiencing weird random slowdowns. In an hour about 10 simple JSON data requests take a few seconds to return. It happens randomly and my and Azure’s monitoring tools show that DB queries are fast, CPU, RAM, disk usage is low. It might be caused by Azure’s physical resource sharing for their VMs or over-provisioning. While I understand that cloud VMs are always using physical shared resources and thus suffering from “noisy neighbors”, still I really would like to have more consistent experience for the price.

Also, it would be great to have some info about differences in Europe because there might be situations when one company provides solid networking in USA and at the same time much worse networking in Europe, which means that in Europe I should chose some other VPS provider.

entwikelaar says:

The audio is a little bit too quite. I have to turn it up but then the background noise gets annoying. Nice video though.

Omavi Quadir says:

Can you release a Vultr Review?

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