Trying Out KDE Plasma 5.15

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Josh Freeno says:

I moved to KDE last week and by this point I have completely deleted other OS’s I had. I had tried it back over a year ago and didn’t like it but I am love with all these features now. If you are running intel graphics change the compositor to crisp and I use accurate and opengl 3.1 on intel hd 620 with animation turned down all the way. Those are best settings for intel graphics. Best LINUX OS. HANDS DOWN. Also turn animations all the way down in Intel graphics

IgnoreMyChan says:

I’m trying KDE on Kubuntu since recently and I found it really stable, where older versions had a lot of crashes and bugs. I really love it now as it seems more stable than Gnome with tweaks and extensions to make it look ‘classic’ as you call it 🙂 I was using Windows on my desktop for about 20 year or so. Since last year I’m completely switched to Linux but still struggling to settle my workflow… I fall back to the traditional taskbar, start menu and system tray. I’m really comfortable with that setup.

So: KDE seems really what I need! 🙂

John Smith says:

lol they even added a special menu to check the buggy baloo indexer, rather than just fixing it …

Emperor Ciara Bevis says:

too few viewer

Peter Jansen says:

My favorite aspect of KDE Plasma is that it makes multitasking so easy. I added my oiwn hotkeyts to switch between applications (in two directions, horizontally and vertically) and desktops, to send windows to a specific other desktop (ctrl+alt+numpad), to tile windows anyway I like it etcetera.
That makes it easy to navigate and it is much more convenient than having to grab the mouse all the time.

I also like it that you can easily remove the titlebar and window-buttons (when maximized).
alt+left mouse button to grab the window and the mouse pointer can be anywhereo on the window.
alt+RMB to change the size of the window
A global hotkey to minimize the window if you would want to do that.

One little problem, for me: the sound-management widget has an OSD by default (a popup for 1.8 second when you cahnge the volume), I wish that they would not do that. You need to edit a file to disable it (no GUI-method available) which is not that much of a problem but after every update of that file (most KDE updates on Manjaro in my experience) you have to redo that work. :/
Of course you could write a little script to replace that file (backup a copy in your userfolder, copy it to the appropriate folder and replace it) or edit that line but it still is clumsy.

Boring Ben says:

It’s the old tired desktop metaphor, there’s really nothing new imho.
Gnome, love it or hate it, is the present and future for desktop metaphors; it stays out of the way.

Abe TT says:

It is windows like, what do you mean traditional? Mac is ancient but its not like that..its garbage like to put it better 🙂 Start menu <<< and KDE lovers {BABY COME BACK...}

David Vantongerloo says:

nice sunday !!

Josh Freeno says:

We are using 5.15.3 and framework 5.56.0 on Arch. So they are still not on the latest if it is 5.15.1. I delete the discover and only install the packages I need on Arch KDE. That is the selling point for me on Arch. Why bloat a machine if you will never use the packages. It is not recommended to use discover on Arch.

Peter Jansen says:

I wouldn’t call KDE Plasma lightweight but it most definitely doesn’t feel more bloated than XFCE for example and less bloated than Gnome. I have mostly used KDE sinds 2018. A bit of XFCE but that never grew on me. I also ran Gnome and Cinnamon for some time and I tried out Budgie, Mate and Deepin. (and i3)

TN Frank says:

For my terminal app I really love Yakuake. It’s a drop down terminal that works with the f12 key. See my video on how I set up my KDE desktop if you’d like to see how ol’ TN.Frank does it. I think you’re going to like KDE, I know I do.

Stefan de Groot says:

KDE <3

vacant2012 says:

Nice video. Always like to see KDE get some love.
One thing you seem to have missed about switching between the different task managers / app menus is that KDE has an “Alternative” option that makes it a lot less tedious to switch between your preferred widget. One of the first things I do when setting up a fresh Plasma installation is switch to the Applications Menu app menu and Icons-Only Task Manager widget, so I’m glad for this “shortcut.” Cuts down on tedium quite a bit.
So if you have widgets unlocked, you right click on your Task Manager -> Alternatives. It’ll pop up a list of task managers, possibly including custom ones you’ve installed. Click on the task manager you’d rather use and then click switch. If you switch to the Icons-Only Task Manager via this method, it’ll remove the Task Manager widget and add the Icons-Only Task Manager widget right where the Task Manager widget used to be.

Michael Cowman says:

I really like the Plasma desktop environment… incredibly flexible with what you can do. But, as a newbie I also have to say thank you! You showed me quite a bit that I’d never even seen before… or I’d seen it but had no idea what it did lol. I’m also a sucker for some of their desktop effects 🙂 You never seem to stop learning on Linux 🙂

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