The Easiest Email Server You Will Ever Setup – This is the final episode of Tech Chop! For the finale, we thought we would bring you something you could use to avoid the NSA’s PRISM program (At least for email) by setting up your own secure email server on Ubuntu Linux using iRedMail. Distributed by


Ozgur Ozdemir says:

Pretty bad instructions

Howard Welte says:

Sorry to see you go, but thanks for all the great info.

Matek100 says:


Nabster says:

Nice tuto, thanks

Oli Cansdale says:

1:00. OH NOOOO! The government is protecting their citizens! noooooooooooooooooo!

Steven Young says:

Duuuude i just found your show and it’s the last one? Awwwwww maaaaan!!!

Kelly Davis says:

so if i set this up i can send up to a gb of data depending on my server?

Jonthue Michel says:

thank you @techchop I wish I had known about you years ago.

Joseph Farah says:

this is the most useful video in the world

robert mochel says:

Slightly paranoid.

Trendnet18 says:

he said he doesn’t want to and doesnt have the time

nappybiscuit says:

If the government does not use a warrant then it cannot be used against you in court right?

Tyler Buttram says:

you were kind of vague about the mx record, im assuming pointing the mx record “to your mail server” is also going to be the public ip of the mailserver.

ElDiPablo says:

You argue with my wife every week about how I need to take time to write a script, film and edit the show, then maybe I will…

ric arroyo says:

hey how’s it going, I have a serious question about videos and going viral. is there anyway you can send me a private message so we can talk about it or I’ll give you my email or my Facebook. please reply at your earliest convenience

KorbanG says:

man i just found your channel and you finished making videos?? aww

GetA Job says:

Excellent vid. well organized.

percy brown says:

he is now a pornstar

ElDiPablo says:

Tired of doing it. I may make occasional videos for my bauer-power blog, but a weekly video is killing me right now.

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