Super Tux Kart – Free Open Source Linux Game! | Review

Super Tux Kart is one of few popular and well known Open Source Linux games. It’s even available for Android!

I really enjoyed capturing the footage for this video. I played for about 4 hours and I was able to beat the AI on pretty much every level, thanks to drifting. I bet this game would be an absolute blast multiplayer.

Speaking of multiplayer, I totally forgot to mention it in the video! I actually had some voice over briefly talking about it but it got cut. But basically, I didn’t play any multiplayer so I can’t really comment on it.

All that said, I had a terrible time editing the video. For whatever reason, the footage that OBS captured was heavily compressed and it shows in the video.

Also, the most recent update to the Kdenlive Flatpak completely broke it so I had to download a different version from the openSUSE repos to finish editing and render it. That’s probably what the weird audio popping is all about.

And lastly, if you want to support the channel, consider signing up with Linode and use the promo code EGEE19. Linode is a Linux VPS service and they are pretty much awesome. You can sign up here 👉


HebaruSan says:

574 MB, apt-get intsalling now

Flippantix says:

They have a Windows and Mac version too. Great game.

Yashodhan Sawardekar says:

First!!! #notificationsquad

Vandelvan says:

Love supertuxkart but the Android version it’s disappointing, the controls are weird and everything is unlocked and the entire game it’s just a port of the PC version so I stick to the PC version, I don’t like to see it as a Mario kart clone, it’s more like Diddy Kong racing but I don’t like to call it a clone of it either, supertuxkart it’s unique <3

Raxe says:

Really cool!

.SpiinDeX says:

game of the century

AbsoluteRedemption27 says:

really good review! thanks

abaneyone says:

Excellent review. Thanks!

Egee says:

Don’t forget to checkout the description for some background about the video and information on how to support the channel!

Johnny Thunder says:

It’s a good game, the ending is kinda lame I hear.

Ъьъыъьы Ъьъыъьыъ says:

The game looks fun, but who will play it without multiplayer? There is no reason to improve your skill if you can’t challenge friends.

Jacalz says:

The next update will even have improved graphics and many other improvements

Diêgo Duarte says:

Dude hahahha the GNU animal is a Gnu. The same hoard of animals that killed the Lion King, get it?

lof says:

The end boss is Nolok. It’s Tux’ enemy from SuperTux, the jump and run. Think Bowser but FOSS.
Also to view your achievements click the trophy in the right corner of the main menu.

Roger Lusk says:

Man, flash back to when me and my brothers would just play this for hours on end. It was our favorite game of all time and now I need to play it again.

altermetax says:

Haven’t I already told you it’s “Ubuntu” and not “Umbuntu”? 7:26 lol

Mir Ashif says:

Why there is no SOUND? :/

NorphTM says:

Yeah I’m third

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