Pop!_OS vs Ubuntu – What’s the Difference?

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Derek says:

I think I’ll stick with Ubuntu Mate.

Malc Tulloch says:

A great video, thank you for sharing, call me old & out of touch, but I hadn’t heard of Pop OS, I know, I’ve led a sheltered life.

Abhishek Shingade says:

Not able to see on mobile screen

Extys says:

Thanks for this video man

Dobriii says:

Go ubuntu

codeitlikemiley says:

Tried both ubuntu and pop os, I prefer pop os, then recently i migrated to arch linux … took me 1 month to customized based on my workflow… but thats the best thing that ever happened to me… it just needs time and learning curve to customized it to your needs

Death Angel says:

Pops is for developers so I think it’s better on the base alone for my use case, but I still use Ubuntu for now.

Johan B. says:

Both Gnome, wich I don’t like personally.

JK FRT says:

I feel that you switch camera to show your face too often, it’s distracting and unnecessary in my opinion.

Greg Zeng says:

Pop OS would not install. I’m running up to ten Linux op systems, and 4 Windows-10 on my Dell XPS-15 notebook. Pop OS does not allow multi-booting. Probably try it on a spare notebook, or on a USB-flask stick?

Kelvyn Abreu says:

nice knowing the difference. I would pick pop os, for its cleaner gnome experience.
Those extra options in ubuntu are not that attractive to me, in comparison of how much I dislike snap partitions… it is crazy how many partitions are shown in system monitor in ubuntu!, I mean it is ridiculous.
it is one of the reasons why I always go for an ubuntu based distro (like linux mint) instead of ubuntu itself.

SyberPrepper says:

Thanks for the video. I’m still on Ubuntu 16.04.

TheLotw says:

I prefer PopOS over Ubuntu, mainly because Ubuntu FORCES Snaps on you. Nothing should be forced.

David Grishko says:

Did you shoot 50 videos in one session at Lawrence’s studio or did you move in lol

Mario Zenarju says:

Aaand the winner is, Debian Testing!

Dariusz Sikora says:

Firefox in popOS! has an issue playing html5 youtube videos. All good in Ubuntu

Robert Holman says:

I have used both in production environments and I can tell you the difference is a theme. Oh, and the system 76 NVIDIA drivers sucks it is somehow worse than the vanilla one and doesn’t work with steam or proton at all. Other than that there is no difference. It’s pure propaganda to suggest otherwise. It’s popbuntu.

nshusa A says:

Pop OS looks nice but the nvidia version won’t install for me.

Dick Bosman says:

The theme does not make the difference. You can install it on Ubuntu as well. The two main things to go for pop! are the more normal taskbar (more plain gnome) and the ABSENCE OF SNAPS. I just hate the enforcement of snaps that Ubuntu has on you.

red tag says:

I try first ubuntu 18.04 for 5 days then I switched to Pop_os it is way better than Ubuntu.
Pop_os is well put together an operating system.
the ubuntu screen saver stuck I need to force reboot in my laptop and canonical they ruined it with snaps why everything needs to be a snap app they need 40 seconds to start and ~2G of storage for each one they good in servers not in a desktop.

tpasi2020UG says:

I like Ubuntu better, but in my opinion Pop!_OS is snappier on my Dell XPS 9560 and it is way easier to install. When I install Ubuntu, I have to enable the nomodeset etc for it to install. The main reason I like Ubuntu is because of the snaps. Pop!_OS does not support snaps that well they work for a few months then they break that is why I prefer Ubuntu.

Sterling C. says:

I’m running Pop Os and I love it! One note Pop Os uses systemd-boot if you’re dual noting with Windows it will not dual boot out of the box while Ubuntu will.

Deepak Surya says:

I think this video is unnecessarily long. And, what are your thoughts on manjaro?

ddabrahim says:

I don’t know enough about the topic but in my opinion there must be more to Pop!_OS than just a different theme. I’ve been using Ubuntu on and off for the last few years and my first impression is that Pop!_OS is a lot more responsive and faster than Ubuntu on the same hardware. And there is the fact Pop!_OS has been optimized for System76 hardware, it is like macOS on Mac except it is available to everyone not just System76 users and in case you are using a similar configuration to a System76 computer, I would imagine you more likely benefit from this optimizations. Also the Pop Shop seems to offer less garbage to install than Ubuntu Software Center, lots of staff is broken in the Ubuntu Software Center. I just booted in to my Ubuntu installation this morning and got an error message “failed to check for updates” for no obvious reason. I also often find installation and updates fail on Ubuntu because of missing and broken dependencies and processes freeze in memory and installation and update just hung up. This is why I constantly look for alternative but all Ubuntu/Debian based distro suck the same way as Ubuntu except Pop!_OS. Yet, all the Youtube reviews I watch mentioning Pop!_OS is nothing but a different theme, vanilla gnome and some gnome extension installed out of the box. There must be more to it than just a custom or generic look. It is a fantastic OS and feels way more solid compared to Ubuntu on same hardware.

Elstan McFrolicker says:

I am not familiar enough with the topic to say much. But it would seem the plausibility exist that the developer of Pop!_OS, could suddenly switch their agenda or get burned out, etc, while Ubuntu should be more predictable about its future. Then there are several really good distros already that are Debian or Ubuntu based. For example, SparkyLinux and Netrunner. I would have added Siduction to the list also, but recently they have not produced a new iso. I have never even tried Pop!_OS, but I do plan to someday. The name seems kind of corny, but coming up with a catchy distro name is really hard. I do like the idea that the laptop vendor stands behind their operating system. And I do like rockets. That all being said, I like OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE, but I can see how a novice would find Tumbleweed to be confusing. Using a Qt-based distro on wayland, just gives me a warm-fuzzy feeling.

dragonballjiujitsu says:

13:15 this is incorrect. Pop OS runs circles around ubuntu. Its a hell of a lot faster. I’m not sure what they do to make it more snappy but its very noticeable. Pop OS is the only Gnome based distro I’d recommend.

Michael Angelo says:

I like Ubuntu’s flavor of Gnome. I like the Solus version of Gnome too but when the next stable Ubuntu comes out (or I get a second PC) I may switch to PopOS. So for now it is Ubuntu 18.04 for me.

Red Phoenix says:

@5:44 System 76 is probably pulling an Apple with Pop OS here and make it work best with their own systems.

Meso Phyl says:

I really like the workflow and snappyness of pop!_os and their keyboard shortcuts. What I find just plain retarded why I need tweaks and docky to have a panel on the bottom ! ! Gnome fucked me a few times after updates, always to do with display drivers. Pop!_os wasn’t even stable on my brand new Intel nuc ! (Which system76 sells themselves ).
Pop-shop is very limited compared to ubuntu.
Even though you mentioned they both use gnome, I find pop!_os snappier and reacting faster somehow.
Theming, although great in Pop, is not consistent. Over a few weeks I got inconsistencies between programs, fontsizes. And display drivers keep fucking with me during hybernation Maybe to do with hidpi of my screen. I experienced instability on Lenovo based system and Intel nuc with pop!_os. Although I noticed they improved those minor details a lot in gnome 3.30 and 18.10.
Im liking the stability (and consistency !) of Deepin (Debian 9) a lot more comprared to pop. feels so more stable. I do miss the nice, more logical shortcuts under pop!_os

Ъьъыъьы Ъьъыъьыъ says:

When I close Gnome Software, it still running in background and eats memory. How to fix it?

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