How to Set Up Dedicated Minecraft Server with Ansible and Linode VPS Server

Setting up your own dedicated Minecraft server is super easy with Ansible and a VPS like Linode!

Coding videos are typically unpleasant to produce for a variety of reasons but this one was quite fun. Linode is a joy to work with and Ansible is just awesome when everything is dialed in.

I intended on writing a Medium article for this video but decided against it because the instructions from this video are a bit too complex.

If you want to set up your users and groups by hand, check out this article –

And if you want to configure UFW from the CLI, check this one out –

I have a habit of under estimating my own skills and assuming everyone can just dive into Docker, Ansible, and whatever else. It’s technical stuff and folks who aren’t familiar with it can get overwhelmed fast!

The Ansible Playbook I used in the video can be found here 👉

Game Server Container repo is here 👉

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premier69 says:

oh oh oho can you do one about a Factorio server?

Nonetrix says:

And ant venom said it was the cheapest server hosting HA

Zeb Walker says:

ah man i hate it when i have to fort porward

Michael says:

You should use PaperSpigot, a fork of Spigot which skips the BuildTools process as it uses Paperclip. Their website is

KhwPp says:

Which Distro are you using here and why??

Muhammad Raza says:

Hi what theme r u using for KDE window decoration?

cody thedragonrude says:

stone temple pilots is a good band

linux maximus says:

Congratulations on a nice sponsor. Good job.

SalkinvonBach says:

There is a huge difference between a spigot or buckit server and a genuine instance, that become relevant for all technical players and any complex Redstone really.

Meenit says:

Are you using OpenSUSE KDE now? Just curious, cause it looks different from your other videos.

The Compiler says:

The UI is not as bad as I imagined. Ever tried using Paper? It’s high-performance fork of Spigot, with bigger configuration capabilities.

Violaz says:

oh shit this is gonna help so much! 😀

Ivan Zupancic says:

Good content. To the point. A bit much for a young 14y/old but hey .. at least they will know how to search for answers? right ?
I def think more server stuff with docker, compose andsible is in order.
two things you could have included. the playbook could have two stages, one for what was already done and another that does compose-up. I am sure you already know that. Just sayin’

A trick we do for our vagrant boxes is we have a .zshrc in a git repo somewhere and we clone that into the VM. That way every box “feels” the same and with the same shortcuts/aliases.

Greetings from Slovenia

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