How to install wordpress in Linode VPS complete tutorial Cent OS 6 5

In this video I have explained how we can install WordPress using Linode VPS hosting with Cent OS 6.5 Deploy method.

Method: -First login to Linode account
-Click on Add a Linode.
-Select the Package and nearest location from your location.
-Once it is created, deploy an image ( which would be OS)
-Once you have selected OS 6.5 as an option.
-After this we need to boot the server.
-Now we need to configure it using the commands unlike Windows OS.
Go to the Remote access tab and copy the IP address.
-Download putty freely from
-Once it is downloaded, please open it and type the ip address and click on open
-It may ask you to click on yes for security and then ask for the user name and the password.
-We can login as root which is our main access credentials to the server and then password and we are in to the server remotely.

Commands :
1: Update:-yum update
2: SQL server: yum install mysql-server
-This will install the SQL and now we need to start it.
-service mysqld start
3:- mysql_secure_installation
-It will ask you to enter the password for the root or setup a new password, select Y and type the new password.
-Remove anonymous user:- Y
-Disallow root Login- Y
-Remove the test database: – Y
-Reload Privillaged tables- Y
All done !!!!

4: Install PHP:- yum install php
configuration command: yum install php-gd php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-pear php-mysql
-Start service: service httpd start
Now check the ip address on any browser, it should open apache 2 test page.

WordPress installation:
Copy the link and go to putty:
-cd var/www
-we will notice that we are in www folder.
-rm -rf html
-mv wordpress html
-chmod 777 html

go back to web browser and type this command in address bar:
-ip address/wp-admin/setup-config.php

We will get some error as we did not create any database so now we will create it.
GO back to putty
-mysql -h localhost -u root -p
-enter the password
-create database fixerzone
-show databases

Go back to the web browser and type the same address
-ip address/wp-admin/setup-config.php
– it should work , click on lets go
-type database name
-user name
-database host
-table prefix
Click on submit

-Click on run the instal
-Enter the site title
-User name
-Write down the password
-enter the email address.
-Install wordpress

After installation it will ask you to login , enter the credentials and you will be ready to go.

I have explain each and every steps above, if you face any issue, please do let me know in the comment so that I Can try to assist you better.

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Thanks Bro ~ i just mess up the step in linode ~ Thanks for your Video~
btw ~ do you have any suggestion about moving wordpress from the other hosting (godaddy) to linode ?
backup already (files and database) but I confused about the Db account, it is I can create any other account in DB and just change the wordpress config to a new db account ? Or i need to create the same db account name and pw ? but i really dont know what is the current account in my wordpress(in godaddy).
ask too much~ Sorry about that ~
really like your video ~ Thanks

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