Hosting Your Own Wiki with MediaWiki on Ubuntu 18.04 on Linode

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SyberPrepper says:

Really appreciate the completeness of the video. I’ll be setting up one of these in a month or so and this will be fantastic information.

poppes92 says:

Do you want to show the lltv_forums and lltv_ wiki server ip address 3:02 ?

David Isaksson says:

Great stuff! Would be cool if you could do some ansible or scripting to do this set up more automatic 🙂 thanks

tech_dummy 1 says:

Thanks so much for this!! I cannot tell you enough how helpful this was

charlie brownau says:

Is it possible to host your own wiki and import some of mainsteam wiki info
but edit the info to tell the truth

i noticed that wikipedia is getting very bias towards certain poltical leanings
avoiding to be based off unbais truth now

MotiOnTech says:

Oh yeah, needed to know this. Thanks

Alexandr Kostik says:

Thanks !

colydeane says:

Nice tutorial Jay. I see there’s a useful vim tutorial on the wiki. Do you have it in a better format for easier copy/pasting into a local cheatsheet perhaps?

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