Blink Shell: Mosh and SSH Review

Leo Laporte shows off Blink Shell: Mosh & SSH for your iPad or iPhone. Get access to the command line on any iOS device. It’s quick and now includes persistent connections for days, weeks, and months. It costs $19.99 and is available in the app store.
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ziggy starbucks says:

This is literally the only iOS app I’ve ever actually heard of that could be useful for me

Vinicius Soares Batista says:

Question: does it supports the arrow keys on, for example, vim? Or do I have to use those vim default nav keys?

ITakeYourFood says:

Why is this guy wearing a helmet?

王然 says:

if I know this before, I might have a try on iPad. But I’ve already have SP3… May be in the future…

TimelessTrance says:

Well yes! I do want to use emacs on my iOS


Why u have 150k subs, but only 300 views.

Johan Smolinski says:

Can you remap one of the iOS keys on the Logitech Slim keyboard to send ESC in this app? Onscreen ESC sounds uncomfortable for vim.

Hans Schiefelbein says:

Could you help me use Blink or hopefully Coda to update my Amazon S3 server ?

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