Apple Airpods Review – Convenience Over Audio Quality

In this video we take a look at the Apple Airpods two years later and rate the entire package of convenience and audio quality. We test them on Linux and Android and of course the iPhone. Is there a case to be made for convenience over sound quality? Why can’t we have both? Maybe we can but not with these.

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CyberPhython says:

Im using koss open-back headphones and they sound great! way better the airpods

Steve Gunnink says:

I’ve always wondered how the heck airpods stay in your ear without a rubber or silicone ear tip.

vskye1 says:

For your punishment, you must let Rocco snipe you in Ballistic Overkill. On each hit, you must pivot 180 degrees also. Think duck targets. 😉
Good video!

Shambles says:

First the CoC, now DasGeek is hawking Apple products. Time to move to BSD! /s

(I’d probably buy some air pods too if they were 1/3 their price)

Alan Rocco says:

still use my Diddybeats by Dr.Dre 😉

Chip Catalano says:

Great video Ryan. I use either a head set or, my favorite, in the ear, ear buds. You touched on it about your wifes tiny little ears, I have that same issue. If its not in the ear, ear buds then I have to use headset…Great video…

orestisfraSPDR says:

ok… but… i still don’t know if it’s worth it 😛 why not make a really small device for music with 3.5″ jack and perfect sound quality. i mean… i don’t need these… that’s what’s wrong with apple. they make expensive cnvinient things i don’t need! xD

OCmyBrain says:

I liked your video even though my ears were screaming no, and speaking of Arch

Crimson Shot says:

i use (qcy qy19 ) they are cheap work great decent range use therm all day on a tractor or mowing the lawn charging fast like 30-45 min and good and water restraint if you want some more like the air pods (qcy q29) work nice they also have a charging case got them on sale on amazon for 35$

A. Hutsona says:

They aren’t for convenience or audio, they are meant to be status symbols. That’s there primary function.

CorazinGamer says:

Sorry, I couldn’t hear your review over the sound of me judging you.

Lawl jk. I already knew I wanted these. Thnx for the video.

Kenneth LNOR says:

I’m considering Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro, but will probably go for something cheaper. Only use headphones for podcast anyway…

Zanaris says:

Wait, ~$150 for ear phones just cause their wireless? Whatevs!!

Henk van het Internet says:

I rather order a new pair of AWEI ES-600M $8 and probably has the same audio quality.
Thats why i exclusively use phones with a 3,5″ jack, ear buds are incredibly cheap these days and will work on all my devices since every device i own that can do audio has a 3,5″ jack.

DistroTube says:

Nice video. Think I’ll pass on the pods though. 😀

Harold Crews says:

Consider yourself JUDGED!

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