Google announces Stadia not a console or platform but a cloud based streaming service you can play on any device anywhere in the world.

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Goncalo Martins says:

The controler looks cheap af.

DesMondesBlut says:

NO to Stadia!!!

Deadringer 80 says:

your concern should be is what if its a free service

Mr Beauregard says:

Depending on pricing structure, for casual games sure, for quicktwitch games no thank you. You cannot break the limitations of distance = lag, regardless of internet throughput.

James Dagel says:

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all have to come up with more IP’s and exclusives to compete, if they don’t go the way of the digital only model. I’m up in the air on this. If Google does it, they’ve got the money to make it a great thing.

Joe Ward says:

Not sure what the average age of your subscriber is, but the kids that I know will be all over this. They only play online and have no interest in physical copies.

Cody MacArthur says:

No thanks google. You have enough money as it is plus i love physical games .

Bruno Bellucci says:

I feel like this is the unavoidable future, just don’t know if this is time for it. Also its great for the big 3 markets in gaming, bad for the rest of the world where the infrastructure is not so good.

Tony Kaim says:

Honestly this might just end my 25 year streak of console gaming. I don’t care if I own the game if they set it up like a Netflix type of service. Im totally down. Tired of buying a console for 4-500 to buy another one 2 years later with a few upgrades. Bring it on Google!!

Peter K says:

I can’t see how this won’t be a success. It’s like netflix, but for games. It might be glitchy for a while, but eventually it will be flawless. Not my thing, but can’t deny the obvious. Go visit the folks and take a controller with me? Yes please. I can see why you’re nervous. Don’t fret. There will always be collecters limited edition physical games. But yes, this is the beginning of the end for physical games in general.

walter raniolo says:

This may be good…… in 10 years

Lcdsoundfan says:

No. Just gimme Horizon Zero Dawn 2. On a disc.

Molecular Memes says:

dont buy google games, until they fix copystriking.

Zero Foxtrot says:

Yeah idk about this. Seems wayyyy ahead of its time. Im open minded though. If this is successful it will be a game changer for sure. No pun intended…

Christian Savart says:

It always work fine on stage when servers are literally next door, but when you try it at home and another million people are playing the same game.
This ain’t different than psnow or’s an option but not a viable one as of now.

Matthew - san says:

I don’t know…this may appeal to a certain crowd with really fast internet, that don’t care about owning games, but I don’t think it should make traditional gamers afraid. LOTS of people have crummy internet (including me). LOTS of people like owning their games, even if it’s only a digital copy. I love streaming TV/Movies, and I love streaming music, but I just don’t think streaming games is going to catch on anytime soon. And remember, people still buy vinyl records. People still buy CDs. People still buy BluRays. Physical copies will always exist, even if it becomes more of a niche market.

The Game Grinder says:

There’s so many issues with this and they didn’t even attempt to address them during their presentation. It just doesn’t seem feasible.

Justadude says:

Remember that Gaikai and OnLive were introduced in 2009, and they still produce consoles ten years later. Yeah it’s cool to instantly play, but when Google deletes it, the game is gone.

Shawn Ramsey says:

Hell no

datunes says:

nobody complains about not having to buy music CDs anymore…

Tommy O'Donnell says:

I love the idea of this. As long as it’s not laggy.

JPRO1400 P says:

Streaming games will never give good online play. And I can promise you they still have load times.

Jonathan Soko says:

There aren’t enough words in the english dictionary to express the level in which i do not give a sh*t about a game streaming service. I’ll just be over here playing fitness boxing in the walmart parking lot.

JPRO1400 P says:

Game conpanies like sony make all Their money on software not hardware so unless Google starts developing games there is no competition

yambu007 says:

There are many countries where the internet is not like in the US, Canada, or some countries in Europe. The maximum speeds are 2 MB and if physical media disappear eventually there would not be new content to play 🙁

김백호 says:

retro gaming/ physical game industry is still very significant. so dont think this will replace current console gaming just as how tv will never replace radio.

Serge Leon says:

I’m no fan of this so far, even on a good connection the added delay and lag is still too big for me. From tests that I heard the graphic quality seems lower and the no physical game copies is also a downer for me. Maybe for a service on the side next to having other gaming platforms it might be an option if the price is low enough. Else sticking with PC / XBOX / PlayStation and Nintendo + Retro consoles ofcourse.

Bignight 860 says:

I’m a old school gamer if this is the future of gaming then it’s time to retire lol

Olboync24 says:

Stadia can stay right where its at

G G says:

I’m all in. Can’t wait to try it.

XDefinitive says:

I’m looking forward to this service and watch it disrupt the whole ecosystem.

OneTrue Halo says:

On one hand I think it would be pretty cool, especially because of the cool geeky network stuff behind the scenes, BUT it’s Google so I expect it to kinda fail. I’m a person who will always prefer physical media, because I kind of have this (perhaps unreasonable) fear not being able to access my media for whatever reason if it has to be accessed via the web only.

Nightmare Mode Art and Games says:

I dont think it will be the end of physical media…but it will indeed take a big hit. With all the movie/tv streaming services..IE Netflix, Hulu..ect…DVDs are still made every day. Not as many..but they are still made. But my big issue is the fact that you will be paying X amount of dollars to “rent” games you will never own. Me personally, I enjoy my console experience. I enjoy my physical games. And will continue to support that.

Pablo Horst says:

IMHO Internet infrastructure cannot handle that…

KBladeAngel says:

I feel you. I’m 25 and I love having physical copies. But I do love just having to click a game and being able to play it right away without physically changing the game. It’s tough I don’t know how to feel either

Long H Chau says:

personally I want my inputs to register instantaneously rather than having to wait hundreds of milliseconds, possibly hundreds and hundreds of ms, for an input to display on screen. I would want to pursue whatever technology that decreases latency rather than increasing it tenfolds. It’s already bad enough as it is.

Arminius says:

It’s the future but I don’t like it

Peter Stark says:

Its DOA….. like google glass

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