Intro to machine learning on Google Cloud Platform (Google I/O ’18)

There are revolutionary changes happening in hardware and software that are democratizing machine learning (ML). Whether you’re new to ML or already an expert, Google Cloud Platform has a variety of tools for users. This session will start with the basics: using a pre-trained ML model with a single API call. It’ll then look at building and training custom models with TensorFlow and Cloud ML Engine, and will end with a demo of AutoML Vision – a new tool for training a custom image classification model without writing model code.

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Rikrdo Sevla says:

What types of machine learning algorithms are used for image recognition?

ro pro says:

Wow, why is the audience so empty?

Min Luchs says:

Amazing. Uber Full stack: App + Cloud + ML. How have you learnt all of it?

Denis TRUFFAUT says:

Great video, especially on AutoML :
Is human labeling performed by real humans ? How do they know how to label, if not experts in the reviewed domain ?
Is it possible to restrict the origin of API calls ? (Use case : don’t want my competitors to use my prediction API) ?
Is it possible to make predictions offline (something like compile model, then use it in JS in the browser) ?

Adnan Khan says:

Excellent intro to ML on GCP, really appreciated the example scenarios for AutoML & TensorFlow.

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