How to use Google Cloud for Cloud Gaming – Video Tutorial!

Google Cloud has the potential to be a great Cloud Gaming Service. You just need the knowledge to configure it correctly. That’s what you’ll get in this Video. Plus, when you sign up for a Google Cloud Account, they’ll give you $300 of free credit for Gaming!


– Google Cloud Sign-Up:
– Google Cloud Server Locations:
– Nvidia Grid P100 Driver:
– Parsec:


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C74UD10 C says:

when i’m creating an instance wm it says who the host in in manutention but from several days.

I Has Become Black says:

bruh.. $200 a month estimate? then in 3 months i could just buy a goddamn gaming pc.

Forttox says:

are yall dumb? search Nvidia GeForce Now

raj b says:

While parsec setup ..when selecting the Network tab it is not showing Network settings …it loading network settings …that’s it … nothing shows in that tab ….what to do ?

MonoBeans says:

help me please, i click on the network tab in parsec and it just says its loading but the network settings never show up. i have put time into setting this up but am stuck on this last step. please help me.

Zheng Zhong Lin says:

Is it better than GeForce Now? Cause I got the beta.

Is Purple Box A Unique Name says:

Whenever I try to use parsec on my windows, The google cloud RDP closes/disconnects because there was another connection. Any solutions?

No Clickbait Daily says:

All this does for you is give you between 100-200 hours of free gaming on a next level PC. Worth it though, it’s also a good skill to have.

rasqui - Metin2 says:

do u can buy thing on games with 300 $ free?

GucciFX says:

The real question is dose it run a minecraft server???

MotoplayZ Mc says:

you should do something about your mic when your clicking every time your turning it off 🙂


Hey – it wont let me select my display adapter in parsec and also it takes forever to load network settings


200 monthly?!?!?!? No thanks google,i prefer playing minecrap

faris winawan says:

What driver if i use t4 or p4 instead p100?

Ayham Twam says:

I got everything working and after a couple of days I realized that my mic wont work on games so I wont be able to talk to anyone. Do you have a fix?

GhosT says:

But can it run Crysis ?

KeroPlaysWithU says:

Hey how do i get the drivers for the p4 virtual workstation gpu?

panos m says:

Hello. i am getting this error when i create the vm workstation: Quota ‘GPUS_ALL_REGIONS’ exceeded. Limit: 0.0 globally.
Any idea ?

Shivam Patel says:

Would something other than parsec work? For some reason when I try to change the network settings it just says loading network settings and doesnt let me do anything.

The CoShad says:

dosnt have a credit card
or anything like that,
i cant create a account in cloud now

Tom's Games T says:

I dont understand. Is a month fee 15 $ or do i have to pay parsec aswell. Can i install anything on this cloud computer even torrents games?

Yamato Kurokawa - 黒川山仁 says:

I hope cloud gaming becomes the norm. I cant pay for expensive consoles and pc.

firdeus shkalla says:

I recommend shadow it cost only 30 $ per month

deal wit it says:

can you do this on xbox one ??

Shushki says:

I like how he didn’t show anywhere, or say anywhere that when selecting the Tesla P100 GPU, it brings the price of the VM up to $1000+. As if the “$300” really helps anything at that point.

Cappuchino says:

oh hey i just used my free 300 bucks on hosting an app rip

Game head says:

It won’t let me download anything…any suggestions?

Mydon says:

Hi FlickStiq, great vids! Closest server to me only has a NVidia P4. Is that usable? I know you mentioned the P100 because of drivers, are the drivers modified? Can I used the P4 in any way? It’s either P4 LA where I live or P100 Oakland (I believe).

I Has Become Black says:

Why am i even here my cpu is a i5 8400 witj 6 cores at 3.8ghz, gtx 1060 6gb with 4tb and 16 gb ram

This pc cost me less then $1300 and to get the same specs using this service will cost you far more then $1000 a mounth

David Kautaradze says:

Kan I own jandex kredit card?

Savage PlasticBottle says:

Do,i rlly need parsec though because im running Classic Easy games

68dodgeboy1 says:

*Goes through intensive process to set-up cloud gaming* *Plays a shitty RTS* Not a very convincing video and what happened to the $300?

faris winawan says:

How i install driver display if i use tesla t4?

Hackers Club says:

Hey mate I need a bit of your help can you message me on Instagram @batra.dhruv

Peter Hipnоtico says:

15:38 ,who played in “gatling gears” ,will recognize the enigine of that game here 🙂

martin gilmozzi says:

Don’t work parsec

raj b says:

Could you please provide links for Nvidia drivers if I select Singapore p4 gpu …..

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