How to Train Your Models in the Cloud

Let’s discuss whether you should train your models locally or in the cloud. I’ll go through several dedicated GPU options, then compare three cloud options; AWS, Google Cloud, and FloydHub. I was not endorsed by anyone for this.

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aman27052 says:

hello world its siraj!!!! ha ah aha ahahahahahhah

furqan arif says:

Make a vid on Google colab plss

TheMightyQuinn says:

I saw you recommended Nvidia gpus, but could a radeon gpu also work? Vega has pretty high FLOPS. Do you need to use cuda for everything, or does opencl also work?

Aditya Singh says:

What about & algorithmia

Z sarangi says:

why not use a asic card for deep learning? how is asic card for bitcoin mining different from these GPU’s ?

Khoa Sdyn says:

What is the differences between Google Colab and Google Cloud?

Muhammed Büyükkınacı says:

Hi developers , what do you think about Paperspace ?

Elias Oichen says:

I prefered google cloud so far, however i will try out Floyd to practice training. Thakns for the video

Théo michel says:

So if I wanna start in deep learning is the best to buy a laptop with a GTX 1060 or a portable computer and then use floyd ? Help !!

余杭 says:

Hey bro !!! how to make such a background like U hope u can reply

Jables185 says:

3:01 That’s good.

Z sarangi says:

why not use a asic card for deep learning? how is asic card for bitcoin mining different from these GPU’s ?

fake Apple Store says:

1800 train that shit
this guy’s jokes are so underrated

Mr. Palacios says:


Ags says:

You should have covered Paperspace.

Gopikha Ilakkiya says:

Hi siraj.. will you say me how to deploy deep learning in mobile ?? I got confused of choosing gpu theme is about prediction of cancer by images in mobile using deep learning. I need configuration it makes me to have clear picture .pls help me

AG X says:

1000th like!

Yasir Raza says:

How to run a model on cloud and test it into android?

Osman Ahsan Sheikh says:

can i use this to train an different painting image and apply it on another image?

Smart Tech says:

is Gt840M Better For Deep Learning?

dannyn dnyad says:

the dance is really creepy

Parth Pokar says:

Hey Siraj, thank you for your objective view on which cloud provider to use. Can you please tell us what is your favorite option to go with?

nicholas williams says:

Gtx 970. It’s decent.

Aman Khanna says:

This video was very useful for me!! Thanks a lot! Kudos to you, keep up the good work! 🙂 **Bows down to thy awesomeness**

Johannes says:

I think on AWS a spot instance with GPU (tesla k80) is around 0,20$ while a the same preemptible one on google cloud is 0,45$. Of course the pay per minute is a advantage.


Would u plz, add a video describing google colab plz

N VDL says:


arnab kumar pan says:

What about ibm bluemix cloud platform?

Silver Cube says:

to fast. I didn’t understand anything 🙁

Shrikant Sonone says:

Update: AWS is also available in pay per minute model now.

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