In this simple Google Cloud Platform tutorial on how to upload a single page website on Google Cloud Platform free tier. You can also use this Google Cloud tutorial using Bootstrap. The procedure is the same, you just have more folders to upload to your Google Cloud Storage.

Google is offering a free trial and good opportunity to learn and use GCP. It has two parts: a 12-month and $300 credit. If you’ve used up your $300 credit and it’s less than 12 months, Google will start charging you.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, leave it in the comment below.

Info regarding Storage classes

Here’s how to add a CNAME from different registrars:

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0:14 How to Create Storage
0:32 How to Create a Bucket
1:57 How to Upload files to your Bucket
3:19 How to change CNAME on Google Domains

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chirag kothari says:

Can i host php website like this?

alex alex says:

where can i find index file to upload i do not know…

Mariano Bello says:

Thank you very much. I have a question though… why is the name of the custom source record www? Thanks in advance!

Edgar Vences says:

Great job! I spent forever looking up how to use google cloud to host, but couldn’t find anything until now.

Raja G says:

Superb Bro thanks

Rahil Ahmed says:

in my case if i try to enter then it open but if i put only then it does not work. i purchased domain from go daddy

David Psenicnik says:

How to get ssl certificate?

Satish Dhanani says:

I have my domain from, I am able to upload the files but i don’t get the public sharing options.
What should i do?
I also want to use my own domain so can you guide me for that??
Thank You

Ashton Humphrey says:

thanks! this helped a lot

Tijani Moro says:

but my website is not static how do i go by that.


I have uploaded file, but my website still not live…..
what I do?

Chun Ho Li says:

Thank you very much for the nice video! I stucked where I chose upload folder and uploading my website folder onto it. But then it had no response after…

Tucker Logan says:

This is awesome, thank you so much. The only thing I would like to solve is source control. Using a VM I can push and pull with Git. Is there a way to use VSCode on my local machine, and then push my edits to this storage bucket (similar to git)?

Anisul Islam says:

How can I point it to my bucket instead of Thanks in advance

Steven Schwartz says:

Thank you. This really helped me out alot.

Mahdi Hamdan says:

I looked through dozens of youtube tutorials and articles to find out how to do this and none worked until this one. This video deserves more views and thumbs ups tbh!

Steven Barkley says:

Save me so much time and worry.

Ben Harned says:

My domain name that I purchased doesn’t have www in it. what should I enter for the name in the custom source record? I purchased my domain name from Google too.

Aftab Ahmed says:

Extremely helpful and To the point. Thank you.

Azad education says:

Thanks… Nice video for me I also have Azad education channel so lets see them

Karma Sherpa says:

Great work, its simple and I manage to setup mine with your video 🙂

Outdoorslike Store says:

I already have my website pointing to shopify… Can I still host it on GCP in addition to shopify or it needs to be one or the other? Also, where to download these files so I can upload them?

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