Google Stadia Takes On Nintendo, Xbox, PLaystation, and Steam with New Streaming Service!

Google announced their new gaming platform, stadia. Its a streaming service, similar to playstation now, allowing you to purchase games and play them through the cloud. They’ll have server farms that will compute your games for you and stream it directly to your device. You’ll be able to use your device, your controllers, your mouse, your keyboard and play big games like assassin’s creed oddyssey, doom eternal, and a heck of a lot more.

Let’s take a look at stadia, what it offers, and whether or not its worth giving a consideration. Will it fail like google+? fail like playstation now? Or is there a real chance Stadia is the future of gaming? What about exclusive games? How much will stadia cost.


Maran Nebbeling says:

Stadia sounds like something revolutionary. I can definitely remember the next generation of children looking back at our generation saying ”They used to have these massive boxes and disks to just play a video game with only 50gb of content, and servers limited to only 100 people instead of millions — can you imagine?”, basically in the same way we look at blockbuster now, compared to netflix.

Wallace Hendeson says:

Think offff how annoying reviews are now… they are gonna be Insane once everyone can sub to every game and try to become a pro review streamer content creator. Access to an instant library to capture and review its gonna be the most annoying thing!! Crap!

The Black Hood says:

I hope it actually works like netflix. If it has me buying the games and then playing them on stadia then fk no im staying on my console. If it works like netflix and its subscription based and i pay one annual fee n play all dee games i want then Bitchin lets go.

Adams1125 says:

And then ISP’s will raise their prices for high speed internet.

Ajxx 99 says:

Actually there’s a similar service called gloud or something like that, you can play via stream and it sucks

dabradmp1 says:

Would not work for me in Canada. I have 15mb/s with a 200gig per month

revan1611 says:

This idea has been there for years, i still remember websites where you could play Hitman absolution on browser. But all these services couldn’t deal with delay problem, in all games even slightest ms delay could deal major impact, not even mentioning multiplayer games that’s even more internet heavy. Even in-home streaming like Nvidia shield and steam couldn’t fix that issue. So in the end, I’m not holding hopes high for google be able to fix that atm, maybe in 10-20 years when we’ll get some ultra internet.

Blockistic says:


cw8 says:

No offline mode, no mods, no customisation, no ownership, no boxed copies, no thanks

KeatonKid says:

I’m gonna wait a bit to see how these pieces fall together, how the integration of new games adapt to the google console, how far it can be pushed and what happens if a hacker got inside and played games they weren’t supposed to.

Jeff Eisley says:

HOLD ON my buffer graphic is buffering

Relyea says:

Stadia will only make sense if it can do a couple of things.
1. It has games I can’t get on my consoles
2. The games are cheaper/ the subscription cost is low
3. The library of games need to include new games otherwise I’ll just buy them

I don’t care too much about 4K and 60ffps. I just want good games for cheap.

Abdulhadi Alrawi says:

I’m subscribed to your channel and i have the notifications on but your videos don’t show up am I the only one?

cyanleopard says:

It’s interesting but I can’t see cloud gaming being a real thing till 5g is everywhere.

Jake ZETTER says:

Now that everyone has a race car lets take the bus.

Connor Brouillet says:

Thanks for the upload boogie!!!

La Roux says:

Nvidia now on the shield TV. same idea also shadow is a relatively popular High Performance Gaming Computer streamed to any device this is not a new idea but could be very well executed by Google

Matt Price says:

All depends on the subscription service

Random Guy says:

Google station.

viz Rez says:

They’d have to give out a free one month trial to see if your speeds are able to handle it.

VsHeart says:

Thank you Boogie, great video 🙂

TheDavid771 says:

rof..l is this a google job interview video?

Mr.Mejia says:

Y’all, I don’t think your internet speeds have to be _that_ high. You’re just going to be streaming the *screen* of the gameplay from the data centers. But, let’s see… I hope Stadia isn’t a flop.

Jeff Davies says:

You talk really well but that beard dude?

Pelger says:

I hope it bombs.
I like to actually own things like games, music, books, movies, whatever. I like those things to be on my side, not at the mercy of a company that can delete them, lose the rights, shut down the servers or just end it whenever they want or it’s not profitable anymore.
games as a cloud thing are a nightmare for preservation. it’s like turning games into a disposable thing.
I hate the concept of games as a service, I hate always online drm, I hate the concept of moving everything to the cloud.

Uchia studios says:

Not even slightly interested in streaming games I find the whole thing as stupid as 3D movies

Eddie McDaniel says:

I noticed he didnt bring up the fact that you dont own the games even though you pay for em.

Diak Gaming says:

i for sure will give it ago but also will still pick up the next gen xbox

Marcus Tulare says:

Google is just tempting to expand their business. But they have a lot of trusting to do to again audience that they don’t spy on people.

shikar pratyush says:

Google thinks we live at nasa rip low speed internet.

Harris says:

UK internet yeah goodluck, asia internet not jp or kr goodluck, even us have struggle internet if it fail it gonna be big joke on gaming industry

Maxitsu24 says:

only cons for me:
– I like to own games
– Latency
– No mods
– Limited internet
– More google datamining
– Expensive (Internet/router/subscription/Stadia Console or App/ Controllers/Etc…)
– More Exclusive deals for diffrent consoles & Launchers.

andrew davis says:

The xfinity 1TB monthly cap pretty much makes this not even something I can consider. Between working from home and streaming all of our tv already, I can barely stay under the cap as it is.

Joel Hall says:

“My internet just dropped.”

“Sucks to be you, I have a console.”

Rockerdustin says:

This won’t last because a lot of people don’t have fast internet

iempire100 says:

“Fingers crossed for Google? I hope this crashes and burns. Careful trusting this shady company with your gaming.

tommy wiseau says:

If i have a good internet I’d rather install the game and play it with no bullshit

Simon Shaw says:

Would it be harder to cheat? (which would be GREAT!) … or would cheats be available as Chrome extensions?

Fricc 2174 says:

I think it is a great idea. Hope it takes off.

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