Google Cloud Platform pricing philosophy

Hear Urs Holzle, SVP of Technical Infrastructure at Google, discuss our unique perspective on cloud pricing.


Danger King says:

Thats nice and all but the pricing thing is a blantant lie. Pricing is really complex, tbh unless you are willing to spend many hours playing around with calculators and also have detailed statistics on the resources your apps gonna consume you might as well take a random guess, you won’t know how much you are gonna get charged until you try it out.

Jason Wisdom says:

If Moore’s Law Pricing is the standard, wouldn’t it be leasable to bill at the ms level vs. the Minute level? Cell phone companies from the 80’s bill at the minute level. If you’re capable of billing of Time (ms) X Data (billions of rows) I’m sure within that 1 minute the CPU ranges from 1% Processing to 100% Processing Power when churning datasets. This is a quantitative world now. Per minute billing sounds antiquated and google of all companies should run a live billing process at the same level of the services they offer. Quantitative Computing vis a vis shall equal Quantitative billing at the same rate if not faster than Moore’s Law. Of course this is just my opinion. <3 JSON W1SD0M

Erik Mejia says:

I really enjoyed the quality of this video.

Chirag Nayyar says:

Yep that great!!! I wanna this GCP logo T-shirt 🙂

Be Be says:

Google, you’ve mapped our whole Liwa desert on a camel, why can’t you offer a datacenter in the UAE? Or GCC? Or even in the region? You even don’t sell your hardware in our region! Why is that, the GCC is fastest growing economies according to the Guardian and Bloomberg, plus the GCC the solar hub of the Middle East of not the world, I can’t understand why the back off??!!

João Gonçalves says:

This guy is not the best speaker…

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