GCP and AWS – A Networking Comparison

Straight to the stuff:
2:46 Straight to the meat of it.

I’m super excited to host Patrik S, who will be talking about AWS and GCP, and the comparison of different networking constructs and implementations between the two. For those who are familiar with AWS, this will be a fantastic sessions that covers the differences between the two from a networking perspective.


Pascal Gula says:

Hi, is it possible to get a copy of this presentation? Thanks a lot, I was looking for that kind of information!

Hakha Momeni says:

Patrick S provides some wrong and outdated info about AWS. AWS no of regions is 16 and going to be 22 by 2018. 44 AZs and 101 POPs ( edge locations). AWS has Global fibre undersea network very similar to Google’s ( he is referring to a 2016 reinvent video and says the exact opposite ). ELBs do not require 30min prewarming ( ? ). They do have CLB, ALB and NLBs. Direct connect is available globally and can offer private global interlinks, LAG is supported to offer very high bandwidth . Cloudfront is by far superior to CloudCDN , 101 locations. No doubt that Google has a very strong global networking presence but when it comes to cloud AWS has many advantages they google cannot match. I hope in these videos they back their comments with some link sources in the slides ( so we can see the updates).

Deepak Rao says:

2:46 Where actual stuff starts
3:16 Infrastructure
3:54 Comparison of regions
5:59 Google Global Network
8:39 Networking – Ping
11:34 Networking – VPC
14:14 Networking – DNS
16:35 Networking – Cloud Load Balancing
18:41 Networking – CDN
21:48 Networking – Dedicated Network Connections
25:11 Networking – Multi Cloud

Mark Gallagher says:

Is there a similar comparison of the container engine features?

Pascal Gula says:

It would also be interesting to have such comparison with other Cloud offerings like the one of Microsoft, IBM or OpenStack.

ripandtear says:

@Hakha Momeni – This webinar was posted on 7/20/2017 and your comment was made on 11/19/2017. Any person with little insight into the Cloud industry understands that features across providers change from week to week. At the beginning of this video it is made very clear that this webinar is informative and not who is better. – ELBs, it’s a known fact in regards pre-warming. Customers can be down for thirty minutes, depending on the size/spike of traffic. As for NLB, it was announced on AWS blog on 09/07/2017. Again, this webinar was published on 7/20/2017, at that time NLB was non-existent. Further, AWS doesn’t have similar undersea network. Do your homework and research your information before making such statements. Cloud CDN? Correct, per the video it is stated that you have to use a third party CDN to gain better features that are native with CloudFront. Finally, all the information in this video is public but it takes little bit of effort to do a research.

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