Deciding between Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine and more (Google Cloud Next ’17)

There are many different ways to think about running code these days. And the tradeoffs are different when you’re working with existing systems as opposed to designing an entirely new system. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers solid support for the full spectrum of compute models. Brian Dorsey helps you navigate the tradeoffs and decide which models are the best fit for your systems as well as how the models map to Google Cloud services — whether Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine and/or Cloud Functions.

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kunaljpl says:

Great talk. Perfect explanation of all the different layers of abstraction and when to use what

Antonio Bucciol says:

Great talk!

Geovane NT says:


Johnny Benitez says:

where are the slides?

Valdemar Carlsen says:

its amazing for me sir ….nice video for us thx
we also have this services #GSuiteGoogleEmailHosting

Deadrin says:

What an amazing talk. I have to say, I’m impressed with App Engine. Seems to blow Azure and AWS out of the water. 😛

Rick Beacham says:

Why can’t App Engine be less constrained and support a wider set of languages and libraries? C++, C#, Perl, and Ruby please. C libs like CURL should be supported out the box as well. Also, preconfigured apps for App Engine like WP, Drupal and DJANGO, would also be handy to understand the differences. Maybe there is somethign like this now but when i tried it was specific for Google development and not my development. Google Compute has a really nice feature where you can set your billing to a new Google user. This is very handy.

David Connelly says:

This was a great talk. Thanks for this.

dark dande says:

i wish the slides appear as a small screen right beside the speaker or the camera will display the slide and the speaker interchangeably so that’s going to help those visual learner like myself better. Love kubernetes.

edit: the slides does actually appear right after more than 10 minutes.

Sheldon Johnston says:

Thank you Google!

nathan cobb says:

Excellent work!

Richard Soutar says:


Relax dude.

Mohameth Seck says:

So app engine or firebase?

Keerthi C says:

Amazing video. I got what I was looking for! For the first 9 min, I was bored and almost close the video. But it was awesome after 10th minute.

Pier Lim says:

Great talk, the slides really helped!

Anupam Jain says:

Great talk, very soothing and easy to understand. Kudos to the speaker!

Wisu Suntoyo says:

30:00 yay durians…

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