Cloud Wars: AWS vs. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is challenging AWS as the best cloud platform. I’ve used both extensively and I am ready to put them head to head. I evaluate them both using several criteria:

* Compute
* Storage
* Databases
* Deployment
* Security
* User Interface
* Support & Community
* Price
* Troubleshooting & Metrics
* Uptime


shiyolep says:

Thanks a lot Paul! I was introduced to BizSpark today, and your video help me decide between ads and azure.

Could you do one with Google Cloud V Azure? Thanks KS for your awesome video! It helped immensely!

Edoardo Gattei says:

How much changed over this year?

Kaushal Vyas says:

This is an awesome video! Really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thanks Paul 🙂

K3vo97 says:

If I wanted to learn how to use either AWS or Azure, where do you think I would find the best tutorials for a beginner like me? Nice presentation btw.

Vivek Anand says:

good one.reasoned out well

pedinokilkis says:

you forgot to compare/  mention anything about the availability of services. For example I am looking for umbraco, it exists in azure not in AWS. Azure seems to have 1000s or services, apps and aws seems very limited. Am I missing something here? Thanks.

Jorge A Reyes says:

Thanks for your time!

apreety unicorn says:

my name is azure

Dileep Mada says:

Very good explanation. As a beginner to cloud what whould be preferable to learn and start practicing?

Saleh says:

most of the vague info I had between both competitors have been clarified in the first 10 min.
Amazing Job Paul

jkristia2011 says:

One score I would like to see is the ease of development from a developers perspective. I have worked with AWS for 6+ month now. All lambda / nodejs / typescript. The development / debugging cycle is pretty painful. Looking at some of the latest videos for Azure Functions it seems they have much better tools for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, including local development and debugging. I know similar can be achieved with AWS, but MS tools definitely seems far better than what is available for AWS.

Utkarsh Pande says:

I am writing blogs for an azure marketer. any tips? like where we can showcase how azure is better. I know it’s in the video. but if you guys can tell a few blog titles.

Suhas C says:

Great Job Paul!.. Wonderful.. Is it possible for us to get the slides as well.. But only if you can .. Once again, Thanks a lot for the awesome video..

Vipin Viswanath says:

Excellent comparison

Wen GE says:

Really great video! Clear and fun to watch!

Ultra says:

What about azure/aws vs a constantly priced server rental for a webapp or backend for a new (low user count) mobile app?

My concern as a new developer using the cloud is someone abusing something leading to my cloud costs going through the roof…

Market Street Technology Group says:

There’s no tie. AWS provides a year free ec2 and AMI services

Vinay Kumar says:

this is awesome comparison … AWS offers more services and great pricing model but at the same azure is also having more regions and highly dynamic

Mangat Ram says:

great explanation

Ganesh YN says:

Definitely a great comparison. I wonder if you’ad considered Opsworks or CloudFormation for AWS deployments. thanks again it really helped me getting to know more on Azure.

Alon Gal says:

Have you looked at Azure Application Insights, for your Troubleshooting & Metrics section?

Chuck Gafford says:

This is an outstanding comparison between AWS and Azure which have some similarities but some substantial differentiators. It must have taken a lot of work to come out with this level of detail!

Vishwa Seneviratne says:

This is a great video. Very clearly explained.

mahesh kumawat says:

Hey Oliver, you are really Awesome Man. It was a great Video as ever i have seen for Cloud concepts. One Request from my side could you please elaborate all the functionality of AWS and Azure (Practice demo) differences. That would be great for all. I am taking Corporate batches so i need it.

Roberto Maddaloni says:

Any updates to the slides?

atrocious says:

That pricing can be such a difficult comparison because of the total cost that include both the developer and the customer. For AWS, you’re going to burn a lot of $ in development, whereas in Azure you’re going to make great benefits during training & development if you have the perks of MSDN services and tooling.

Swaranga Sarma says:

In AWS, did you look at Cloudtrail for additional debugging? CodeDeploy and CodePipeline for deployments? Also for a revised comparison, please consider categories like application services, big data analytics, machine learning and AI.

Mark Richman says:

You should add serverless offerings to this comparison.

D. Klauser says:

Paul – nice job – what’s your LinkedIn profile?

avanish srivastava says:

This is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

Mathew Joseph says:

Detailed comparison.

Wordpressgoals says:

great comparison

David Edwards says:

thank you so much for explaining each feature with Examples.. God bless you Paul!

Steve Hudson says:

Thanks, It gives a very clear picture of AWS and Azure. anyone want to know the best practice of AWS security groups, please click here

Siva Leela says:

Thank you very much Paul!! You made life easy fa me!!

Darin Cook says:

Great job,thanks. One of the items of future comparison could be advanced product offerings. thanks for the info.

Dustin Manderfeld says:

How do AWS and Azure compare on the cost when moving data in and out of the cloud?

yousuf moin says:

Nice explanation

Shon King says:

Hi Thanks for your opinion on these, really enjoyed it . Just wanted to ask you which from these two most companies prefer/like . Thanks

Binh Nguyen says:

awesome video. thank you Paul!

murali sn says:

Comparison simplified and easy to connect . Great Job Paul .Much appreciated.- Thank you

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