Choosing your storage and database on Google Cloud Platform

Different applications and workloads require different storage solutions. Google Cloud Platform offers a full suite of storage and database solutions to meet your needs, from a hobbyist in a garage to a Fortune 500 company. This video will help you understand which solutions fit your scenarios, be they mobile applications, hosting commercial software, data pipelines, or storing backups.

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Matthew Hardy says:

Excellent presentation!

Wicked Logic says:

This was a really good explanation of how to consider the different storage options on google cloud.

Anupam Jain says:

Very well explained and didn’t hesitate to get into the basics. Nice tutorial.

Hussain Mirahmadi says:

Your explanations are neat and clean like your shaved head .

Srini Vasan says:

Well Explained thanks

Lets Asterisk says:

Let me if given blow scenario is possible:
1.I have a asterisk based server and i want to save all call recordings in google nearline storage server.
2. That should be automatically like if any call warp up it must be automatically save in google nearline server.

Sam Gerrans says:

That was excellent.

Pratap S says:

Is Cloud Datastore for structured data (2:31)?

Peter Jansen says:

Google Datastore documentation is a mess or non-existing. Its almost impossible to find coders out there who know about Google Datastore. As a small startup we have sped two months trying to find someone who coud make a simple client database, with a PHP page on an App Engine interacting with a Datastore DB. There is no info, no examples, not turtotials, only a bunch of files on github having alien code insid. You dont knw where to start and where to end – only info is what is in the middle. So far Datastore is a Goolgle flop, I tink no one is using it, no one can develop with it, newer versions are not backward compatible – in short stay clear og Google Cloud, its not even in beta but rather an experimental thing.

Matthew Ulasien says:

Thanks for this video. I loved it and it was very informative.

Faisal Saed says:

This is what you call the “idiot’s guide to cloud” thumps up man.

A2B Data™ says:

Great video and presenter!

Qichen Gu says:

The service type and price policy change a lot now. Please update the video.

sukrat kaushik says:

Very well explained; good job.

paracha3 says:

Very well explained, wish he also touched a little on pricing model of each in that how you are charged for each service.

DerParadonym says:

Cold Storage pricing like Amazon Glacier or Google Nearline somehow is only more cost effective in end-user archiving scenarios when having a byte-sequence of unstructured data smaller than around 600 GB. Somehow even the Google pricing calculator can’t beat CrashPlan’s yearly pricing. So I think neither Google nor Amazons AWS has a good alternative for what CrashPlan is to end-user archiving needs.

for nearline (why can’t we directly save to coldline?) datastreams of roughly half a million object in a sequence of roughly 1700 Gigabytes other solutions seem to be more effective if you only want to archive.

dudicito says:

if I don’t know much about the OS i’ll install in the VM, would it matter what I use? I’m worried about the security that someone might make something collapse and how to get it back up

Gangadhar Mylapuram says:

what is cloud spanner?

Darwin Ranzone says:

more from this guy!!
he explain things well

MD jaman says:

some body help me how to multiple files upload google cloud in nodejs multer

Srinivas Rao Gangji says:

Very good explanation, Thank you !

YJ M says:

Very well explained! I like how the example where ops->throughput->daily/yearly consumption, as I am struggling with making sense of GCP price calculator.

SignéeGabFreNaDesing2015 says:

i like it

Limbo Mimbo says:

Like the content but not the presentation , it’s more like reading out not explaining what he understood .. just MHO.

Hiren Patel says:

Very nicely explained, thanks!

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Zvala says:

Great video!!!!

Cathy A says:

Wow, this was way over my head! I won’t be using Google storage.

faiz says:

You should be a teacher sir. I need to give a session on storage to my team. I am gonna imitate you.

Ian says:

OMG this video pure PORN! 10/10 would watch and nerd out again!!!!!

Joakim Johansson says:

Awesome tutorial, great explaining 🙂

John Hanley says:

This is a very good video. The pace that technical materials are presented is fast which makes for a great product review to see which products are good for which types of services.

Deep Sukhwani says:

Updated version to include Cloud Spanner should be made available

Noor Shaik says:

This is vedio should be archived now. Please update with latest updated changes ( Google Cloud storage – Multi-Regional, Regional, Clod line & Nearline)

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