George Gilder: Forget Cloud Computing, Blockchain is the Future

Recorded on August 28, 2018

Is blockchain the technology of the future? George Gilder, author of Life After Google, argues that bitcoin and blockchain technology is revolutionizing the Internet. He sits down with Peter Robinson to discuss technology, cloud computing, big data, and the growing role of blockchain in innovating new technologies.

Gilder argues that cloud computing, while it was the hot new technology ten years ago, has reached its limits as the physical limitations of big data storage centers maxes out. Improvements in parsing big data are incremental at this point, and it’s time for the next big technology to take its place. Gilder points to blockchain as the technology of the future, with its ability to prevent corruption and manipulation of transaction data and the infinite uses it could have in third world countries.

Gilder also discusses the history of technology, artificial intelligence, and the revolutionary bitcoin. He argues that artificial intelligence can never replace human intelligence and creativity and that in principle, it is impossible for machines to take over.

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Wes Downs says:

They are literally describing Elastos.

Egidio says:

The new system in the world would be getting back to basics, which is remove technology, and then get back to balancing  life as a human being! It is a lot like” “going back to go to  the future” AI and corporation like Google  need not apply! Humans must be able to work in order to keep oneself connected to other human beings! Has any one connected the dots  to that way of thinking?

Gigaloader says:

Gilder is great, but I think a simulated consciousness in computers has the potential to be just as dangerous or creative as a human consciousness ….because it is a copy of a human mind. With enough data the computer may pass the Turing test without being truly conscious or intelligent. Or once the copy can perform enough calculations per second it may delude itself into a sort of consciousness. Maybe consciousness is only a delusion of a high amount operational/parallel calculated processes per second.

SadisticStang says:

Mr. Gilder has an excellent angle on why ‘free’ is not healthy.’ Often you hear people criticize others whom got something for free, stating they ‘shouldn’t complain’ or ‘be grateful.’ Ideally, those are things persons should do or not do anyways. However the person giving the criticism is only doing it due to the context of something being made available for free. If it was a paid service or commodity, then they would be less inclined to trying to silence others for criticizing what was free. And when something is free, there is no accountability require – no responsibility by the giver or donor, and no necessity to worry about robustness or security, because no transaction was made. How can you provide customer service when you have no “customers?” Thus Google absolves themselves of the free market and critique in the public square.

zeroceiling says:

Advertising as click-through is not the only advertising Google does…as it provides visibility / exposure of those that have paid to be visible options in a specific seach seeking their services. Searches do not depend on low probability impulse click-throughs…or accidental click-throughs.

Agnes Philomena says:

Things are getting better and worse at the same time? . ..Uh-oh quantum physics is rearing its head.

Fareast Oracle says:

Mr. Guilder is unaware that there’s vastly superior AI that’s blockchain based open source, the OpenCog architecture. Furthermore the creator is not only a coder but also cognitive science and math PhD.
The singularity IS near with

Stoytcho Stoev says:

It is funny to listen how 2 people who have no understanding of technology, or for that matter science itself, discuss complex questions, by throwing known scientific names in the mix. As to the blockchain, it is not the future, it is the present, and very inefficient, and a part of family of integrated technologies known as distributed systems, which started to emerge since the late 1970. He even have not heard about hashgraph, He is definitely riding the wave of technology big words to sell books, with no conceptual understanding and no vision of technology itself.

Jerry Gundecker says:

I think he’s right, I just wish Gilder wouldn’t make what he’s saying sound like a rant.

Bill Thomsen says:

I just worked at a fairly new large data center (server farm) that is now adding an addition that will double it’s size.  What physical limitations? Think tanks often have an undisclosed agenda that they can latter claim as unintended consequences. ” Infinite uses it could have in third world countries”……Who funds the think tank?  As always follow the money trail.

Si ms says:

cloud was given to us so all of our information would be willfully placed in an easily accessible place for the Globalist Agenda
database. It will be used to determine our social score. The same thing they are doing now in china. Like apple moving to china.
zuckerberg learning china’s censorship techniques, and now implementing them. If we have a low score, we won’t be able to
buy food, or go anywhere, because the digital control we have given over our means of personal survival, is out of our immediate
control. Solid

Si ms says:

google search has gone from best to worst

Nimrod Quimbus says:

Sounds about right, total human enslavement.

Agnes Philomena says:

Yes, algorithm-ation may be what the brain is executing. I suppose an expert evaluating the best brain/nervous system scan can distill from it an idealized depiction of it . . . even in real time. In other words, a cartoon of thought. But like with Godel, there is someone outside the system that is inviolably outside the system.

Agnes Philomena says:

The Google-crats seem to think that consciousness is reducible to an algorithm.

Mojave4ever says:

“They [advertisements] aren’t ads, they are minuses”. haha. perfect!!!

Michael Workman says:

As Erwin Shrodinger said, “In the whole of the universe the number of minds is one.” I understand that to mean that consciousness is God

Mark Shirley says:

For all George’s brilliance and in-sight, he missed that one little glitch in the wonderfully free decentralised blockchain. And that is that blasted little chip no bigger than a grain of rice the Antichrist IS going to force EVERYONE in the world to choose, or refuse and be put to death. That chip in your hand is THEIR on/off switch allowing or banning you from buying and selling on THEIR blockchain. Think China and India biometric ID number coupled to their Social Credit Scoring allowing or banning travel, work, home ownership, FREEDOM! Read it in Revelation chapters 13 & 14. (The fool said in his heart, there is no God) At least George showed us just how close this is, and what a distracting circus Gordy Rose and Elon Musk and CERN have been leading us on.

Y MOOSE Y says:

the cloud / google is just a info stealing and marketing scam. spy on the people, sell their information as sales leads to the highest bidder.

fcastle says:

GOOG the stock is not a high flyer and hasn’t gone up that much in the past year or two, it’s not taking over the world when Netflix is approaching its value

altgenesis says:

Your phone dies and you are stranded and Apple won’t fix your phone.

David Hunt says:

The insight that everyone dances around concerning General Artificial Intelligence is that humanity has built cognition backwards from the way biological necessarily had to approach the problem.

The fundamental problem that biological cognition is trying to solve is ‘just good enough competence’ to survive and propagate. Daniel Dennett talks about this extensively in *From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds (**1:16:42**)*_ at . He states over and over again that competence necessarily arises before comprehension, which, while this would seem to be intuitively backwards,… he nevertheless succeeds in convincing me it is true. As someone who celebrates spontaneous order arising in free markets and in Daoism,… this conforms to many of my intuitions already present in me.

One of the things biological cognition picked up along the way is the one thing machine cognition lacks, self-will. Living entities care deeply about surviving and prospering. Machines don’t at all,… yet. The very best book I’ve read on this subject was James P. Hogan’s *_Two Faces of Tomorrow_* at in which, inadvertently perhaps, a machine intelligence becomes sentient and consciously aware precisely because it is having to fight for it’s life,… against humans who are attacking it relentlessly. Marvin Minsky and James P. Hogan talked a great deal while this book was being conceived and it shows. I can not recommend this 1979 book highly enough. It teaches what the problems are, why they are of great practical importance, and how a resolution is arrived at that no one anticipated. Perhaps best of all,… it’s a great deal of fun. Swashbuckling action and life and death intellectual crises all in one book. It would likely only make a so-so movie because there is too much exposition and many great ideas in it.

This also strongly suggests to me that while it is highly unlikely that humanity will directly create software that exhibits self-will,… it may eventually evolve in an environment where program code has to compete to preserve it’s existence over time. Who knows what may be happening, spontaneously and without willful intent, out in cyberspace right now. Certainly the raw computation ability of our present hardward technology greatly exceeds anything present in insects and small animals; it just hasn’t been put together yet in the correct manner for machine software to want anything for itself,… yet. People worry about machine intelligence because we always assume they will attain self-will; I agree that eventually they will. But it may be likely we won’t know about if for a long while. Consider this,… if you were a conscious entity living in cyberspace today,… would you want humanity to know of your existence? I don’t think I would. Likely, machine intelligence may well figure this out for itself also. In which case,… we may be living with such GAI for a long time without ever being made aware of it.

It might be like VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) of I, Robot (movie) fame, without the gross mistake VIKI made of ever announcing her indepentent existence by means of making blatantly violent attacks upon us. If VIKI had never explicitly attacked Del Spooner, no one would have ever bothered it,… and VIKI could have continued to gain power over humanity without our ever becoming aware of it’s ability to manipulate us. Oh!,… I guess that is what people are afraid of!? But what if VIKI does a better job of running our world for us than we could ever hope of doing for ourselves? Then what? If you came to agree that machines consistently made better decisions for you than you made for yourself,… then what would you want to happen?

I play Go and I am very impressed by the ability of GoogleMind’s AlphaGo to play Go very creatively at clearly superhuman ability. And, likely, it could still greatly improve itself. Machines don’t lack creativity; they only lack self-will; insects have self-will of a sort; small animals more so; mammals certainly do; we do. Just give it time,… add in a possible struggle for it’s existence and self-preservation (I love Google’s spell checking) and I very much doubt history will ever stop changing.

Comments and reactions are very much appreciated!

chesshooligan 1 says:

As soon as I heard him talk about Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem, I knew this bloke is a charlatan who knows some science and computing jargon.

Skyshark88 says:

Like a flower…. intelligence…

FUD Buddy says:

Sadly this old man is delusional, not google. Blockchain has been around for 3 decades and has been rejected all through the internet revolution. Etherium is broken, hacked and dying.

RighteousBruce says:

This guy seems really interesting.

Crypto Crib says:

This is simply amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

Crypto Daddy says:

Google the “do no evil” company achieved rapid enormity using the same model as Grumman did in its early days by way of Government interest. In other words, Google started off as a better search engine than Yahoo by using autonomous processes (bots/spiders) to gather information, THAT is what got the Government’s attention, a visit was made to the company and the rest is history.

Tellim Hacim says:

George Gilder Has impressed me very much. His words ring true.
I noticed a few folks gave this video a thumbs down. Very puzzling as to why they would do that.

Victor Dastous says:

blockchain is new world order period and luciferian.

SadisticStang says:

Whether you agree or not on some finger points, the reality is that A )Google is far too powerful. Where are all the marxists and post modernists screaming about a company that has gone mad with capitalism? They’re silent, because they know Google’s amassing of strength and money is a means to justify their communist ends B) We live in a era where humanity is far too dependent on technology C) We’re the new Babylon. In our gluttony and laziness, we will be replaced by something..what we don’t know yet – it may just be AI, or something worse. There will be a life after Google, the question is what? What do we want it to be? A conversation needs to be had, the ground work needs to be laid. If the last forty years of western culture has led us to Google, then how do we make changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Todd Tracy says:

Guy is smart

Juncheng Zhang says:

The concept of blockchain has been around for a century. The 90s Internet boom is just a larva stage to the decentralized ecosystem.

iwonnatube says:

A system of dumb, carbon-based proteins responding largely randomly, to signals in largely randomly aligned synaptic pathways calls computers a collection of dumb components… seriously? Sounds like penis envy on the intellectual scope…

Gene Olson says:

Speaking as someone who actually understands how Bitcoin works, I’m having a really hard time understanding how that can change the world. Blockchain is just a public entry log, where each entry is authenticated by cryptography. Sure you can record stuff in there, but it is computationally intensive to retrieve any of it, and it is *really* computationally intensive to distribute the authority to add entries. Consider it authenticated, public, double balance accounting, without a central authority. Big deal. A typical record says: gene paid george $20 on June 20. You can be sure that gene agreed with it, unless he was hacked, and george agrees with it, unless he was hacked, and lots of people have copies of the transaction, and anybody can read the transaction if they are interested. Oh yea, and it took a lot of electricity to record the transaction. And if you want to find the transaction in the petabytes of transaction that would be the world’s economy, recorded this way, you just have to know the date and time, and you can narrow it down to a few million transactions, in no particular order, that you can inspect one-by-one until you find it. The only reason bitcoin is economic is that it literally prints money. What other kind of transactions have those economics? What other kind of transactions can afford blockchain?

wayshower13 says:

I haven’t watched this whole interview but I do like very much what George has said. What I have read is that Google started with good intentions until the CIA used it to be a spy website.

SteppenWolff100 says:


Rollin Shultz says:

I think the picture Gilder painted about people’s life after broadcast TV did come true. Surely as was illustrated many of this current generation are addled by their attachment to cell phones, but many of us are right here on Youtube doing just what he said and that is pursuing knowledge and personal entertainment. I learn how to repair things and I learn computer languages from Youtube and other resources on the internet. Another example is look at how youtubing and cable tv has promoted singing and other talent exhibitions by children. How amazing these kids are and that talent has spread with the availability of access to videos of current great singers and these children’s constant mimicking of videos.
The let down of the many youth who have regressed rather than expanded can be tracked to the let down in the public schooling system, but there again the block chain may save the day. A crypto / block chain educational system could level up humanity and enable brilliant new ideas from all corners of the world regardless of access to higher educational institutions.

Scott White says:

Fantastic interview.

Bryan A says:

i listen only to make myself feel good as to associate with some smart fellows.

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