Windows On Digital Ocean

Link iso ada dibawah !!!

iso =


to9xvn says:

Account Locked
Your account has been flagged for abuse. If you feel that our system has made an error please open a support ticket.


Thank you for contacting us!

This account has been locked due to cryptocurrency mining causing disruption on the platform.

Anjas says:

HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found

Professional Tech says:

Une erreur d’authentification s’est produite. La fonction demandée n’est pas prise en charge. Ordinateur distant : XXXXXX Le problème peut être dû à une correction de l’oracle de chiffrement CredSSP)


korban mu says:

Laguu nya saya ga suka bikin berisik

【MSST】老師GGの瘋狂高中生 says:

New link:
Administrator Password:P@ssword64

Jesús Rafael Zúñiga Castro says:

Very usefull, thank you.

Hamza Abouamal says:

link is not working

Qonita Aulia Putri says:


Moses Prefor says:

You created an Ubuntu image and then you booted up to Windows? How? :/


wget O | gunzip | dd of=/dev/vda
like Sub Me?

Joselito Cervantes says:

widows server (wget O | gunzip | dd = / dev / vda)

Tushka says:

Can you help me please? :/ Thanks for any help

win2012.gz 100%[========================================================================================================================================>] 4.26G 133MB/s in 58s

2018-10-19 22:39:23 (75.7 MB/s) – ‘win2012.gz’ saved [4573768732/4573768732]

FINISHED –2018-10-19 22:39:23–
Total wall clock time: 58s
Downloaded: 1 files, 4.3G in 58s (75.7 MB/s)

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes copied, 57.7525 s, 0.0 kB/s

Cristian Magadan says:

Install your own .ISO of any Windows on Digital Ocean, step by step

Santosh Kumar says:

please be more informative with arrows and steps you’re doing cannot understand most of the part

Danh Thuận says:

Hello link die bro

NobieS CS:GO says:

Yo dude how u got digitalocean account

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