Setting up your first DigitalOcean Droplet

Hello all! I’m in the process of recreating all of my videos due to changes with DigitalOcean, but also changes with servers. I will also be adding a lot of video editing to my upcoming videos.

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azmin banny says:

it asking public key problem

Charleston X says:

can i like somehow pause a droplet or whatever if im not using it? i dont want to use all my credit if im not using it on specific days

Sunny Kumar says:

receive $10 dollar credit on this referral link

CaboLabs Health Informatics says:

Hi, what is virtIO? It would be nice to describe the options there.

Kolade Balogun says:

I just created my 1st droplet with DO but what I wana know how to do is how to run more than one website from that single droplet…is this possible…H E L P !!…

Administrador Proyecto says:

I can not install putty on mac. What should I do?

Suresh Bhavani says:

I searched a lot for degrading the droplet in dogitalocean , but no use .
I am watched your videos for many times to work with digitalcoean.
In digitalcoen , upgrading the plan is very easy process with a button click, but for degrading they give a link to degrade. so , could you please make a video for degrading the plans

Mehmet DEMİR says:

Click and start with $ 10.

Lập trình php says:

Hello, can i use redis cache on server? thanks

Merijn Freie says:

If my website is designated for visitors from the US and I am based in Europe, should I pick a region in the US or still the one closest to home?

Anis Benzian says:

A nice thing would be like you got other video’s that go about the more detailed things in digitalocean…. why not like them in the discription?

Anthony Carella says:

This video got the job done. I was able to use my login credentials with WinSCP as well, which is something I haven’t been able to do yet. Thanks a lot.

Steve Patco says:

Worth mentioning is installing 32bit version distros if you are on the $5 plan.  Also worth mentioning is what control panel to use.  I have spent a week trying them all.  My conclusion is ehcpForce is by far the best.  As good as cPanel IMHO. The only drawback to ehcpForce is the pathway to html. Its not the customary /home/user/public_html.  Coming in second place is centos CWP.  Anyone considering moving from traditional webhosting to independence should do it.  All you have to do is create a droplet, open a putty terminal and install ehcp (without antivirus option!).  15 minutes max.  Then you open ehcp control panel and start adding domains.  When you are done, change your nameservers.  Simple, but a video is definitely necessary for newbies.

azmin banny says:


David Kearney says:

I never received the email confirming the creation of the droplet with SSH login information. Emailed DO with no response. What should I do now?

Eduardo Hernandez says:

Do you need putty to connect to your droplet with a mac? If not how can i do it with the terminal????

Juan Ordonez says:

I know you have to use terminal for mac instead of putty because I don’t seem to find it online.. but it has lines of code do you happen to know how to do that?

Steve Patco says:

Can’t login,  keyboard allows me to type user name but password will not allow me type or paste on my win7

tem csgo says:

can someone help me? trying to set up a website but for some reason I don’t have a www folder, please help

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