Picking a Cloud Provider: AWS vs GCP vs Azure vs Vultr vs Digital Ocean

In this video, I discuss my thought process when selecting a cloud provider. For one of my projects, I am trying to decide between Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Vultr, and Digital Ocean

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Reza Shahbazi says:

I am curious to know what will be your winer platform is? We are using GCP and evaluating Firebase

Dennis Tennis says:

I wonder what the best and cheapest solution will be Ben. I am looking around for something similar for a potential new project.

Firebase is a nice platform with lots of functionality out of the box.

hang kin hui says:

Hi Ben, have you ever considered AWS lambda. I have my apollo-graphql-express server deployed on lambda and it is pretty neat. You only pay for the compute time you consume. Lambda is fully-managed by AWS and it has well integration with other AWS service such as S3.

MrPhilbert says:

Very interesting thought process and comparison. Can’t wait to find out what you settle on.

Richard Torcato says:

DO just came out with spaces but can’t use a domain on a space yet, so s3 is better for static sites. If you want managed dB check out Heroku

Matej Ukmar says:

Hi Ben, have you ever considered Firebase? Everything is managed and it includes auth, database, functions (where express runs behind the scenes), web hosting and image storage. They don’t have postgre but they just announced new generation of their database with better query support.

cazador517 says:

Hi Ben, You should look wich CPU (and not how many cores) offers each provider, Beacuse 2 cores of a I7 will be a lot better than 4 cores of a I3, also you should check if they are physical cores or logic cores.

Michel Conrado says:

Ben, You could create an app that makes type price comparisons. That has evaluation of the users like those comparison sites that we have out there. To cover costs use advertising (take advantage and take a class on how to use advertising in React-Native and React apps). Letting it for free.

I also have a hard time choosing a good cloud computing service. Calculators are confusing when we compare with other services. Today I use Rancher which gives me great integration and clustering options.

If you start it I’ll help you in the repo.


checkout zeti-now

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