Fast VPS Setup: DigitalOcean Droplet + ServerPilot + WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

In this video we go over how to setup digital ocean using server pilot. Digital ocean is a vps (virtual private server) that uses SSD storage for optimal performance. We also go over how to setup your first WordPress app with one click install. Using the affiliate links below will get you credit to try the service for free. Server pilot is free unless you want additional stats or would like to implement SSL certificates.

$10 free credit to Digital Ocean

$10 free credit to Server Pilot

Domains from Name Cheap

If you have a any computer questions I’d love to answer them. Ask on or in the comments.

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What is the DNS?

claude dulac says:

hi, can create with serverpilot several WP sites on one droplet ?

georges George says:

Good Job.

Steampipe says:

I currently use bluehost for my wordpress site. Is using digital ocean and server pilot faster? I dont want to go through all of this and then it’s basically the same. As of now, my site on bluehost is slow. I have it optimized and all, but still sucks. Just curious.

deepak saluja says:

i dont have a gmail for work id , is there any way i can set it to forward the email to my normal server?
i use namecheap as my registrar

Adam Rasheed says:

Why would you willingly use a www ?

David Husberg says:

Great tutorial, thanks! But one question, do I have to login to the server and performe updates or clean anything up to keep the server up to date? Says on serverpilot that “important updates installs automatically”.

Kwstas Na says:

Hey. Thanks for the tutorial! I would like to ask you, if i don’t choose “WordPress” but i want a simple website with php html etc. Where is the public_html location? Where can i connect and drop the files that I’ve already pre-builded with xampp?
Thanks a lot 😀

Ikram Syakir says:

Hey is serverpilot free to use? Or need to pay?

Artur Araujo says:

thank you my friend!

T.L B says:

Hey TrenchTech. You’ve helped me out hugely with your awesome turorial videos, and I was wondering if you have any tutorials explaining how to install a SSL certificate (Comodo purchased via Namecheap) onto a DigitalOcean Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS server? All articles I have found leave crucial parts out beginners like me don’t know. Like how and where to actually install the .crt and .ca-bundle files onto the server.

Iv’e tried following this article but scratch my head not knowing how to upload things to the server:

Thanks again in advance for any of your insight and suggestions. You rock. Tiff.

Dawon Lewis says:

hey trench Tech what is the password for your server bro I need to long in

smip vcu says:

Thanks a lot!

Innovation says:

the console never lets me fully type the password before it goes through

Nino Silva says:

Flawless step by step tutorial, got mine set up right away. Thank you so much!

MV N says:

how to migrate existing wordpress sites to digitalocean?

Nelson Lau says:

How many WordPress installation (different domains) can i install on 1 5USD Digital Ocean droplet using the free version of server Pilot ?

Thanks in advance.

Souhail Ahmed says:

Good job,thanks

Beeblebrox says:

I spent last 6 hours trying to setup DO server with Laravel Forge with no success. And I solved everything in just 10 minutes. You did the god’s work here, thank you my dude.
Edit: The CyberDuck is garbage. It has 1kbps upload speed. Noice.

sleverychops says:

just signed up to digitalocean and serverpilot through your links. thanks for the tut

The Viral Blaze says:

Is it only work with DO Server No other VPS will work?

Root Videos says:

what you have shown in this video is for the people who want to create a new wordpress site

Monaco Palito says:

Hi, i’m a beginner and i followed your tutorial to get my wordpress setup in this difficult way for beginners digitalocean 🙂 thank you a bunch! I have one question, from now on will i be able to install all plugins and themes from wordpress panel without any problem? Or i need to do any other configuration thou putty?

Rithi Pathak says:

thank you so much …

claude dulac says:

thnk you sir 🙂

Ferry Tri.A says:

thanks ive been watching your tutor and thats helpfull.
do you have tutorial setup mail server for ubuntu ?

Chella E. says:

I’m trying to connect my server but I keep receiving a message that says “Installation failed. Your server has SSH password authentication disabled. Please try installing ServerPilot manually.” How do I fix this?

Together We Tell says:

Is this secure and safe? I’ve read other tutorials that include making firewalls and what not.

T.L B says:

Thankyou so much for this amazingly detail step by step. You’ve helped me out so much.

Azfar Azmi says:

Great job ! It helped me alot. Thanks 🙂

Sameer Sahil says:

how much realtime traffic can it handle ? is 10$ per month a good plan if you have 40,000-50,000 visits a day ?

Robert Brown says:

Thank you. Great video…very clear. Have you ever done a video on how to access the wordpress files on Server Pilot using ftp? Given that it doesn’t have a cpanel I am at a loss to work out how to get into the wordpress theme.

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