Top 5 – Minecraft Server Hosting Companies!

Top 5 Minecraft hosting companies!
Disclaimer: I did not get paid or told to say which company is better, this is 100% my oppinion.

1. Virtual Gladiators:
2.Ownage Hosting:
3. ShockByte:
4. HostHorde:
5. McProHosting:


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Nanda's base says:

backsound music?

3many15 says:

what do you guys recommend in terms of gigs? I see all these sights have their packages measured in gigs and I don’t know how much is needed to run a server comfortably

Aeyuri Garcia says:

You Should Try This One Its So Cheap $1.50 For 1 Month

Snowflex PxP says:

Do you people even do the math? Jesus! You think 20 bucks a month for 2 gb of ram is cheap?

Team Highrise says:

mcprohosting is overpriced

IcyBae says:


Dortway says:

Multicraft is ahit

SpeedyDucky says:

Virtual Gladiators are really cheap and good but their premium prices is a bit high but if you just want a cheap budget server with support for some modpacks defiantly virtual gladiators is the way to go

TheBowler_Plays says:

@ShockByte I Love ShockByte it is my most Favorite server hosting!

Boris Vujičić says:

What hosting out of theese 5 is the cheapest

PulseLOC shaneBK says:

Anyone know a hoster where you only have to pay once?

Christian Mcgregor says:

Does Host horde have ddoss protection

CrystalBeam says:

Virtual Galdiators don’t have https = not secure

Proxy says:


nichduer nikkk says:

$24 is overpriced for unlimited? Whaaat

Oatal says:

Hello my name is Jacob and if you own a hosting company or looking for a new hosting company for your server, log on to

UniQMusic says:

Hello! Guys, if you would like to get good & cheap hosting for your minecraft server use GGServers!
Use my ref link to get a discount 😉

MaxPicAxe says:

Budget servers sold out 🙁 on virtual gladiators.

Isaiah. says:

Shockbyte is SUPER cheap

Atomic logan says:

can any of these run a modded pack
(and work with the modded world)

Sw1zzy says:

Virtual Gladiators coming in at number one, that was surprising!

TSG says:

Can shockbyte have spigot/bukkit please answer?

Hey, I'm Justin says:

I think that Ownage Hosting should be number 1

Cubed Productions says:

Is virtual gladiators good for transferring files

Jacraft 2002 says:

That helped out a lot thxs m8 😀

Elliot Berg says:

MCProHosting is the best that is why it’s so god dang expensive

TheGamerName1 says:

2:35 that accent came out

CrystalBeam says:

How about Eternity Servers?

Furyy Night says:

Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about “the web hosting” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Riyackenzie Hosting Highlighter – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.

Gamer evans says:


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_go_f**kyourself_t**t says:

Nice! Helped out a lot

ItzAliyaM says:

Aternos is good as well X)

▶TheLoLTechnology says:

Servidor 512MB Gratis!
ggservers. com /billing/aff .php? aff=2890

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