TOP 5 MINECRAFT SERVER HOSTING COMPANIES!! (Reliable vs Cheapest) [2017]

This is just a video of my prefered top 5 minecraft server hosting, nothing special, enjoy.


1. Eternity Servers:
2. McProHosting:
3. Fluctis Hosting:
4. GGServers:
5. Bisect Hosting:

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Dashley says:

This video was really helpful, so thank you. I was just wondering why did you say ‘half a half a gig server’ instead of quarter gig server

Sliceandriced says:

This is the biggest joke ive seen in my life xD


My sever is close to The number 1 but i have a little bit more ram with my home made server

Primegames Hackers says:

Aternos is most cheapest No payments you can choose the slot amount and you can download plugin so many as you can

Beast Gamer5569 says:

Dude you should try PixelHost I know the staff IRL (I am a bot developer for the support discord) I have purchased a server off them they are cheap! And 24/7 if the server goes down for issues you get 2 months FREE!!

Game Hosting says:
go to the best hosting for your server.

Weerd says:

I dont know which one to choose
Any opinions? Help?

Hunor Szilvasi says:

What is the hosting with ip:

Human is still an alien says:

and there are still people out there who think bisect-hosting is the only one thats not overpriced

Diamond Glee Gaming says:

GG servers is a scam

Solo - Games says:

Guys, thanks so much for getting this video to over 1000 Views and 10 likes. I will be remaking and uploading an updated version of this video soon so stick around! P.S Don’t use Eternity

بيت الارباح من الانترت says: top 10 sites hosting 2018

Acrazes says:

mcprohodting is so overpriced

BuzzGamer says:

Hey man I am thinking about hosting a server for the fact i have a fair decent community on my discord with over 70+ players not much but its more then what i would of thought and the discord is very active bit anyways, i was wondering if the 2 server providers that I found was a great deal for what you would get, they are Serenity servers and Nitrous Servers. I wanted peoples options on them that know more about this kind of stuff then me so if you can get back to me that would be great! I subed and Liked the video aswell.

CatzFuriousSpeed says:

Solo told me to say OMG MY GOD THIS VIDEO IS THE BEST VIDEO EVER! but… don’t worry it is an awesome video 🙂 +1 like

Salty Rad says:

APEX is a good hosting service too. not cheap, but like you said dont go for the cheapest because rule of thumb is you get what you pay for.

Lee T says:

fluctis sucks they have no customer support and shut of paid servers after taking money and using 50% of cpu was reason

Fire Blaze says:

Why did you delete your Minecraft videos? I still found them entertaining

Boyd McQuade says:

because of this im Going for number 1 instead of McPro Hosting since my friend used McProHosting and i loved it but now im going ofor 25$ eternity since McPro Hosting went downhill since i last seen it in 2015

Niwo says:

Can i change the settings when my server get more popular?

Nightspeedy says:

Distributed Denial of Service

Xaidinatorx2000X says:

I can voucher for eternity servers owners are awesome

3zk1I_ says:

wtf why did u put the first one in 5 if u call it a joke?

Remii Nebulous says:

I use eternity there so reliable but expensive but if you want a good server its worth the money

Solo - Games says:

What do you mean? “revenge of the c-team sever”

Vincent Donahue says:

Thanks so much for this man, I really appreciate it.

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