Question: Is A Virtual Server or Dedicated Server Best for Building a Web Service?

I have an idea for a website but there is some questions in my mind I hope you help me with:

1- my content depend on video uploaded from clients, so I need my own server. Therefore, I decided to rent a server but I found it confusing there is a data center vs cloud computing which one should I choose? do I need to hire IT for my rented server?

2- I read a bout Instagram and how they started but how can I make something like this? what is the suitable steps to be prepared for having million download in 1 or 2 weeks, I mean the equipments, tools and the money? how they managed to do so?



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Brian Hoel says:

can you fb me i have a few questions for you if you have some time.

Webmaster's Desktop, LLC says:

What is your opinion on reliability? We have been using GoDaddy for a long time and have been very happy with their products and services. Our clients are small businesses, so having any website drop get’s the phone ringing quick. I reviewed and it doesn’t look like a company I could trust.

Do you have experience with anyone else?

omosamem says:

Thank you so much Eli that was so fast and precise.

Patrick Luy says:

I have this idea for a website. It’s actually probably going to be pretty big in the long run, assuming the idea hits. But at its most basic functionality, it will have users, profiles, file transfer (text, video, images, etc…), search, etc… down the line, I’d like to include APIs and more.

Would it be a good idea to just build my own server using a tower I have laying around or my own laptop?

I’d like to test out the idea first with the target audience being students in a university. But I’m thinking about scaling. What if it becomes a hit? How easy would it be to adapt?

sanjay technologies21 says:

More helpful.
Visit: Dedicated Linux Server Hosting Chennai, Shared Server Linux Service Chennai

Judah TheOracle says:

That laugh when reading the question on instagram was golden. I want to use it as a vine!

Brother Freedom says:

Thanks for the info.
I looked at ovh, they have some bad reviews, kind of put me off. Can you recommend any dedicated hosting services? I’m currently with MDD who are great with support but the service has gotten progressively worse with downtime.

Mano b says:

thanks for this video , very informative . I am using a dedicated server rented from at reasonable price

TheGamerTek says:

Try this

benny syngkrem says:

hey Eli, i want to launch an online store that would cater to a particular city only, should i get the vps or the shared server? i would be using magento Community edition since i’d be selling not more that 100 products.

Edge says:

Hi Brother, please advice me…… I am looking for the web like Linkedin. Do I still require a dedicated server? I am an ordinary non-IT guy. But I have a great passion for running my own web where I can grow steadily. Thanks.

noturaveragewatcher says:

I’d probably get a VPS until your getting a lot of traffic

GalacticTax28 says:

VPSDime: 12Gigs o’ RAM, 4CPU Cores, and 60Gigs SSD; All for 14 bucks a month.

Gerso Guillen says:

Dedicated Server for the performance and virtual servers for scaling but, you are so right Eli, the fine print! Good tip on the outbound bandwidth.

Smiling Minion says:

Well unmetered grew quick.

Illegal Substance says:


Kasey Smith says:

Have you heard about Their SP-64 plan is pretty nice for 109.00 a month. Intel Xeon E5-1620v2, 64 GB DDR3 ECC, 2x 2 TB SATA3 (you can configure it for ssd’s)…and anti-DDoS. I’m using it currently for vps’s pretty nice server so far.

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