Minecraft Server Hosting Review – OwnageHosting

I’m back from hibernation!

This time, I’m doing something that I’ve never done before on this channel: Minecraft server hosting review. I heard some good things about OwnageHosting and their website looked professional and inviting, so I gave it a go.

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XxGigglesNetworkxX Inc. says:

i created  a server but when people join they dont have access to open chests or they cant click the sign to warp places can anyone help me with this ?

Joe Gremo says:

please help i bought a ownage hosting server 1-2 week/s ago and it said it will be up within 4 days or even minutes and it is still not up if you now how to help please do!

The BlackAyakashi says:

How many plugins you can get?

Ruffy says:

i bought a one but can’t access the log

Gem Box says:

I ordered mine but I cannot access the control pannel for it :/ my review is that it sucks

DaeR HaunTed says:

and have you tried the hosting well enough to give it 5/5?

ohAproxy says:

How do i know what my Server IP is when i bought one of the plans from OwnageHosting?

lemonpillow720 says:

my server has no multicraft login help?

Шипунов Евгений says:

я русский что он фигню несет

DD Forever says:

wait are you playing animal jam still?

Öliver ! says:

GGServers vs OwnageHosting?

Ocelots101 says:

how do you get to your concol

JacobRuby says:

Oh my goodness! 9:43 That button is not there for me! i bought a server but how do i get to the control panel?!?!?!

DaeR HaunTed says:

It’s because OwnageHosting is a scam

DeepestGamer says:

Sorry but bad review, very biased

AmtrakMan GamePlay and GFX says:

Would you recommend it? 

PilotGames Offcial says:

I don’t have a button saying Mutlicraft or whatever! So i have no idea how to get to my console. You have any idea?e

Rilex says:

can u give me a shoutout plz

Rangini says:

I don’t get “Multicraft login” can someone please help me?

Saxojam says:

Kid, seriously, jump cuts make your video a lot worse, don’t put too much editing in your videos, don’t put too little. Also, you act like you know everything about this topic, yet I fail to see you mention many of the key aspects of the hosting company in this review.

JR Zimmerman says:

Although this is very old, Ownage hosting has improved very much since this. Consider an update video?

Freedster says:

so we switched from mcpro? 

Deezy Low says:

You saved my money…

day.veid says:

What do you expect, your buying a server with no ram, you don’t understand the console and you can’t do anything. Thats why your with MCProHosting they babysit you

Kilm Gaming says:

Hey, Techie =) What texture pack. Please reply with a link.

Jett says:

OwnageHosting is terrible, bought a 4gb server for a month, 7 days into it they closed it. We’ve tried getting a refund, they said they couldn’t because it was over the 7-day refund period, and now we’re down $35 with nothing because our only local backup is outdated.

Mikhail Shabalin says:

McProHosting is Expensive

Soulz says:

Do you get to choose the ip you want for the server?

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