WoW Private Server Review – Vanillagaming

So after seeing numerous of servers coming up and being taken down I decided to try out a server that did manage to stand the test of time: Vanillagaming!

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HirachieOfSociety says:

This is the type of legacy server that has a bunch of people who have invested WAY too much time on their characters who don’t want to move onto Elysium… Vanilla-gaming was somehow worse than Feenix.

bakson rijeksn says:

i spend fucking 5 years on that server 🙁 im playing tbc now

I luv tree meow says:

My first server ever. : S

Trasheye says:

Old feenix was da BOMB. Then they rerolled it and now its DEAD 🙁

Kiyev says:

My maaaaaan

Mac Sunny says:

Highrate Vanilla is retarded. Highrates goes against what made Vanilla great, if you want to steamroll through leveling then maybe Vanilla isn’t for you.

Don’t give me any of that crap about “I don’t have the time” “I don’t want to spend 7 days leveling” if you don’t want to commit the time to level and play the game then don’t play the game….

Quest Complete says:

Very nice video mate, Well done.

Peasant King says:

>donates for gear
>account details changed


FadzIsHere says:

This is pretty much the only server that gives you the opportunity to experience blizzlike naxxramas out there.

Inconnou says:

join the wowservers discord!!

bakson rijeksn says:

argif in video, my best budy 🙂

Too Short says:

Gearing up your Death Knight, Wrath Of The Lich King.

Dustin Blevins says:

My very first private server. I played on this maybe 4 years ago. Even though I wouldn’t go back and play a server like this, it did open the door for me into the private server world. I am forever grateful for that.

roaringsnake 12 says:

You should try the private server known as firemaw

brydon10 says:

VanillaGaming has a very nice community.

sean davis says:

LOL fucking 50 times leveling, but still crazy attunements lol

rampage the sneaky lil bitch says:

i use to play on there and it was so mutch beter a few years ago

Jaime Faria says:

I played on that server 2 years ago, and ended about an year ago. Yet I couldn’t see half the “baddies” about dungeons you pointed out. In fact, I only noticed the bridge bug, and a bit hard to find a group for dungeons, not much time though! Furthermore, the things you pointed out about Hakkar and mandokir didn’t happen to me

Barney Panofsky says:

Waiting for the plagueworks videos from Dalaran wow. I hope you will upload them!

Arucard84 says:

Great video as usual. Have you tried Excalibur WoW? That’s another server that has been running for a long time and seems to have big updates every month

morghoul mutilera says:

i was playing on this server 3 years before i was member of De profundis raided till cthun as a tank undead,,,i have great memmories of the server and the guild and community in is accurate and i think it worth a try.Big hug to Willix Nomagio Royalshadow Athos and all the good people in De profundis who helped me so much and had so much fun back then .

Нора Щербакова says:

█▬█ █ ▀█▀ 18+ ➨


terrible terrible terrible server

WarriorTSW says:

Great video. I shouldnt have started to read the comments section tho XD

Jenesis says:

The visual glitch in the blackrock bridge is still in retail wow

Ulric Stormbringer says:


Noah Jones says:

Lol seeing myself in that wsg was sorta cool

Lance Hutchins says:

This was my first private server. I had a good time, but isn’t a true emulation. More just trying to get some quick nostalgia and move on or just play for a couple hours a week to raid MC ZG and AQ20 through pugs

Left Hand Path says:

lol I’m guessing you’re counting fake falls fabricated by redditors who want to destroy every good server

Weeaboos Hunter says:

what abut the alliance perspective? hello?

al22st says:

I get what you’re saying about low population servers! Back in 2008-2009 I remember playing on this Romanian private server called WizardWorld on its wrath client my friends were playing. The population was around 400-500 players at peek hours and my guild didn’t really had problems in forming raid groups! Sometimes you could skype another player from some other guild to join if he was free or if you happen to be friends or in a guild with a donating player that have custom made items with extreme stats (that we called TUNE-up items) you could run naxx with 10 to 12 people. In about a year I got to know about half the server population and even met some IRL! The server itself was not so great and some bosses in raids casted completely different spells like in ICC Lord Marrowgar would cast chain lightning and poison in his bone storm phase!

Jayce says:

Guys where am i supposed to play then? Elysium?

Han Yolo Joe says:

Nice video! Rising Gods 3.3.5 next review please!

Aaron Torres says:

Michael jackson was killed. not passed away

Bloodynoush says:

I’m liking the new video essay format, Hamster, keep it up!

Kubko says:

Why do you even bother?? Elysium is an exceptionally scripted vanilla server and the best one out there. If you just want 60 content play on RetroWoW…

Tereith says:

Mygod what a horrible server

Martin Petrov says:

The server pop on nonsummer time is about 400-500 players on the raiding days.Theres no good scripted dung and because of broken boss mechanics the experience from the raids sucks.Feenix was better than VG but at the moment theres way better Vanilla realms where you can play.

Honey VG says:

Hey Hamsterwheel,

I wanna add something from an almost 1 year player on this server, but first of all thanks for you work !

yeah, population is low and yeah people are friendly because of the amounts of the players. I wanna add something. It seems you shot the video this summer and you have to know that the pop is always shittier in middle of summer. You also played as horde and you have to know that the actual balance of alliance and horde is now very. There is like 4-5 active guild alliance versus 1 guild active on horde (De Profundis, 1 of the most active guild on horde was on summer break).
The timeline you played also has big influence on this. The major community plays EU times and there is a living NA but they are right now only on alliance side.

Regarding leveling, you are right, people basically jumping from lvl 1 to 60, VG is not a place to enjoy leveling.

For Dungeons : yup this summer was awful to get groups. For my experience from last year (when I started), there was no problem at all to get group and I got all my pre raid gear in about 2 weeks. Most of the dungeons I ran those days are basically ones I made with people from my guild.

Imo, the main the most interesting and thrilling things on this server are the 40 man raid as MC, BWL, AQ40 and mostly NAXX. It’s very easy to go into a good guild and old peoples are happy to help newcomers to gears and get ready for it. I really got the same feelings that I got in retails during those raids and the first downs of naxx bosses are memorable memories. The good things also of a low-pop server is that it’s easy to fill up consumables to raid into a less consuming times that it used to be on retails. So it’s possible there to enjoy Naxx as the original hardcore retails guilds but inna a more casuals ways.

Any players that want a shot « almost like retails » 40 mans should gives a shot on this server. I’ll be happy to guide them,

Thanks for the spotlights on this,

Best regards,

Honeycocaine from , horde side

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