WoW Private Server Review – Dalaran WoW

Hello there and welcome to another private server review of mine! This time we’re focusing on the realm that I’ve been raiding on for a couple of months: Dalaran WoW!

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spanakopita says:

I’ve been playing on Dalaran for a couple years now. Great realm for PvE but PvP is pretty stagnant. Wish they’d do something to improve it or at least encourage more people to play.

Ciprian Visoiu says:

i like this server a lot! 🙂 add Olei at horde side, lvl 73 atm

Germanssuchti says:

is the server dead?

razamaer says:

Didn’t skip add.
Also commenting so you get more views.
I really like your videos, and you have a great control over your accent!
Also very nice touch with the new intro/ all the great new sounds. Have you ever watched “in frost we trust”? The soundboard in that video is amazing.

Wandering Loner says:

is the WOTLK Zip client supposed to take 3 fucking hours to download?

Dem1ien says:


i search gm for my server

u can connetec over hamachi !!

Name: Wow-Mop 5.4.8 Server pve-pvp !!!!

Pass: 123

and then connect me 🙂

Fx Flexible says:

I bet this autist never played on global server(maybe in vanilla).

Tyrone Johnson says:

sexy fantastic review

Anderson Vidal says:

procuro jogadores brasileiro nesse serve to jogando na Horda !!!!!

Десислава Илиева says:


stewazy says:

dalaran or loarderon on warmane?

otávio Reis says:

Please tell me which addons you used in this video

EVD 1202 says:

very first time you got to see kt? did you not play in wrath?

Bashyour Headin says:

I don’t know why exactly, but this review was really interesting, and also a fresh way to make a video! I really don’t play 3.3.5 wow, but this video was a blast.

Melioxo says:

do i level here faster then on other p servers?

Solzi11 says:

are the scripts better than on warmane?

Hellen Abernus says:

wow dat intro! <3

denis says:

Progressive raiding starting from naxx is something I really wish I could experience. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any Warmane or GD guilds that would like to do that. And Dalaran wow has slow leveling for me.
I was wrapping my head around the wow and the only thing I can think of is that this game requires friends in my opinion. I don’t find doing anything in the game by my self enjoyable. I have friends which love wow, but I can’t play with them because they study and don’t have time for it. Therefor, checking the server is a waste of time for me.
Those who have friends can make a wow great experience with a wide range of servers to chose from.

holimar1 says:

nice video:) what song is in the beginning?

Alfredo Tan says:

Tried to Download Dalaran-Wow 3.3.5a Client. However, it doesnt comes with the WOD Model. Please Help

radion sokol says:

got hacked once bought gold lol..

Zavgard says:

Would like to See a rising gods test

admarvelwarlock says:

Beginning song sir ?

baelrog says:

Ik ga morgen hier ook beginnen op horde. Is er een kans dat je me op weg kan helpen met wat goud? Zou chill zijn 🙂 Groet

Christian Andersen says:

Fuuuuck dungeon finder is there … that turned me so off … I know it was released in wotlk towards the end, but for me, it was the feature that began the downgrade of wow …

Cburton99 says:

Dayumm, that intro and outro though!

cheater81 says:

I was choosing between Firestorm
legion or this… As a new player (never touched wow in my life) i’d rather try this one. Nice vid.

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