Where are the Dedicated Servers & 60Hz Tickrate? (CoD WW2 Server Locations)

Today I answer the questions “Are there dedicated servers in CoD WW2?” and “Is the game running at 60Hz?”. In addition to this, I share the dedicated server locations used for this game. I hope you enjoy!

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koffieboneneter NL says:

Dedicated servers in Europe? Well I still need to find one. Only got peer to peer until now en lag compensation is everywhere.

Sean R says:

In regards to people saying the 1st day of beta run smoothly but the following days they had issues; I agree with them and I’m afraid that it might be due to SBMM. What do you think? SBMM is in this game or not?

Jake biel says:

I experienced lag when i partied up from time to time but when i went solo i didnt experience as much of a lag if at all.

Mr Redlines says:

I live VERY close to one of the servers and has experienced host migrations many times. I think the servers are down and that Sledge hammer is incompetent as hell.

Dacommenta says:

Smooth Launch hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 🙁

Jerome Foster says:

So will the 60Hz make the game smoother for players with weak internet connections?

Irgend ein Name says:

Your girlfriend plays CoD? Youre so lucky…
Mine hates that I play CoD…

yavier rosario says:

Im really getting sick of hybrid servers… Every year same crap

Priest Superretards says:

Here in sweden its been great!

Jason Alen says:

Butter smooth 60Hz… i wish i had that ;-; but i play Phantom Forces on Roblox and it’s only 32Hz tickrate, and no 60 F/S

Bl4z3purple says:

U live in Edmonton Alberta??? Same here

Josh B. says:

No more money from me

KELTIC _ says:

when i was playing the beta i lagged maybe 2% of the time, 1 lag each match but the rest was smooth, i live in Sydney Australia (internet is shit here) and playing other cods was terrible, maybe coz 20 hz, now that its 60 hz, it laggs 98% less even when other people in my home are using the internet at the same time!

xSkysplitter777 says:

For me it was good most of the time, but I did have lag issues, latency, etc.

Delano van Gelder says:

I still cant play online and I live in the netherlands

superguyps3 says:

This game is shit for not having dedicated servers even if it has dedicated servers i live in the middle east i get 1 fucking bar everytime and i will be lucky if i get 2 bars i mean when i play bf1 i rarley get any lag

Adam M says:

Dedicated servers? Sorry but no… therea no dedicated servers in ww2. Host closing game and all are kick out from game…

hellion2k says:

wish they would bring back the server browser..

nicholas brown says:

The dedicated servers suck they took them down on Friday and the game played great for me. It seems like they cater to people with bad connections

88hockeyBro says:

this dude is completely wrong There are NO dedicated servers on WW2 lmao no way

SinnerYT says:

Bullshit. The game feels like MWR connection-wise. Bullet reg is crap, aim assist tracking is fucking random, and you can see it in the killcams too. in BO3 when you had a crappy connection and high ping, the killcams were not exactly what happened but rather a rough approximation, which is always the case with ww2. If the servers are indeed 60hz then that’s not good news. That means that it’s the game’s netcode, which is too late to change and so it will suck for the whole year…

Darren Prince says:

how do i find out which server im connecting to on xbox one?

Josh Goode says:

If they are using dedicated servers are they going to take the appropriate measures to prevent a DDOS issue on launch day? People will cry foul if this happens. Do you know if they have plans to prevent it from happening? Good vid Ace play on!!

KnipexMan says:

It’s damn near unplayable right now.

Spatzl says:

are the used ded servers pc only, or will they be available for xbox, too?

בר אשר says:

Add a server in the Middle East !!!

Sir Prancealot says:

Dedicates servers, cobbled together from old ZX Spectrums and a potato.

Lena violette says:

Is it possible to change my server there’s a language barrier with most people on mine

Or Avital says:

I have a ton of connection issues. I can’t even get HQ lobbies with people.
It’s the first CoD I have those issues and it’s frustrating.
If I play in the morning it’s all fine, but if I play at noon/night I can’t even connect to MP.

jamestoni says:

full clip to kill someone and quickscooping is brutal.

Daz B says:

Boy were’nt you wrong the game lauch was a total fuck up and still is. Lol.

Frost says:

“Hopefully we’ll have a smooth launch” HAHAHAHA hindsights a bitch. I guess this is why the game is inconsistent, one game you’re doing well and everything works, the next game its tragic connection n ppl kill u instantly while u cant hit them – dedicated server one game then host the next?

Soleimsen says:

Norwegian girlfriend huh? :)):)

IRaTuSz says:

Anyone saw a server near the middle east ? No idk why cod is abandon us

Stacey Watson says:

I am in Long Beach, CA and I did really have any issues with lag. It was a lot more stable than IW

Lewis Dawson says:

The problem isn’t really with dedicated server anymore. The problem is the acceptable ping difference of players in a game. COD has always allowed ping difference of around 800ms which is a huge joke. That means I will be matched with people who have, up to, 800ms ping difference.

So to say that Dedicated servers impose lag is false. They do, eliminate all forms of lag if the ping limit is set to acceptable levels. The only noticeable latency you would see in dedicated server is if the server is misbehaving such as with custom servers. Not only that but the latency would appear for all players, not some form of miscalculation on your end.

They did it again because they know people will still buy their game.

Hakon Imenes says:

60Hz?? i dont understand is the tickrate 60 and if that is the case wh yare we happy about it?? that is bad 128 is good? Or do you men the refreshrate of the screen, and if so i have 144 hz what does that! plz help

Corey Stainbrook says:

Awesome video! I really enjoyed the PC beta this past weekend. It ran flawlessly and I am really looking forward to playing Search and Destroy when the game releases.

Highlight Techno online says:

what’s Dedicated Servers the best for gaming ?

معاذ سعد الرشيدي says:

I’m from middle east and i have a magnificent connection but there a lot of problems with the latency/lag plz give me a solution

Yonathan Israel says:

yo ace are you using your net duma if so is it worth the buy

Daniel Palau says:

well i guess my token came with lag

[EVIL] DYL says:

Yea boi server in singapore!

Mark C says:

I live in the philippines and i havent played with a green full bar yet. And its always red ALL THE TIME! i think they just dont really care anymore. I miss the old CODS it was fun then and but now …..MEH……

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