What Is A Dedicated Game Server & Why Is It IMPORTANT?

A dedicated server can be the difference between good online multiplayer (on PC, or consoles like PS4 or Xbox One even). Here’s what that means and why you should care!
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Erik Oleson says:

Falcon needs to do more of the videos. Jake Baldino is annoying.

Andy Azael says:

I’ll be real I didn’t know what dedicated servers were.. #themoreyouknow

Max Phillips says:

gameranx can you link to an article about the torrent style multiplayer you mentioned? I’m interested now.

AeluronLightsong says:

I love these types of videos. Makes it more clear how stuff like Dedicated servers work to those that aren’t super tech savvy.

Esteban Vargas says:

you make it sound more confusing ahha im use to the abstract tech talk. network+ and A+ certifications I have.

pandabeast6 says:

is it possible for consoles to have dedicated servers?

(sorry im a console player. this nerd stuff is all foreign to me.)

Mad Malicious says:

The editing on this video is OVER 9000

Moses Devadass says:

Agent 00 brought me here.

johnisasexyname says:

what game is that at 5:56?

Markus Tambet says:


sarahsue123 says:

I’m so confused

Bendin' on Buckin' Broncos says:

How would one go about setting up a dedicated server for console game crunching, for say, Halo or something? And more specifically, how does the Xbox Operating system interact with that server to transmit and receive reliable data for the game in question?

Corbin Cavitt says:

Ubisoft could learn a thing or two from this.

Herman Mcdowell says:

OMFG close This one really looks like heavil} kunyes :‑c

yuval646 says:

somebody played a lot of overwatch recently…

LukePlaysGaming says:

Anyone else recognize the opening music of the video from the original Ratchet & Clank?

Kyle prince says:

Could you do another video covering cloud servers when/if more information arises on how it works and will it be better/worse?

vegeta dbz says:

lol I’m from iraq (:

Username Generic says:

Oh so this is what a dedicated server is (slowly looks towards for honor by ubisoft)

Rati Jugeli says:


Crazy Bastard says:

if u can create your own server it is cool because i live far away from Europe and least ping i get is 100
but if i create a server players in my city can play it with a good ping
f.e. ~40-50

Rayotic says:

what’s the song at 0:40?

Alex says:

hao much wam too a dedkated soorver?

Carlos Pardi Uscanga says:

your videos are realy entertaining

Oran Denis Buckley says:

So slither.io doesn’t have a dedicated server because it has a lot of lag

José Álvarez says:

pues yo he hecho mis servidores de juegos con freakcrate y iban muy bien y ademas me ayudaron mucho

Thomas Jarvis says:

not always true. at my LANs my pc is the server too. Who would need a dedicated server at a LAN?

KornelTheGamer says:

i run a dedicated server on unturned as i get horrible ping

it simply works

ripnoobsgaming says:

Please say terrorists bomb the call of duty servers. It would make soooooooo many little kids mad

Daljit Basra says:

Halo 5 has dedicated servers but the only thing is you won’t get in the same lobby in the next game as the sever shuts down.

Chijioke Mac-Eze says:

Thank you for this.

m12 warthog says:

is 256 gb ram to much for a game server

Carter Baker says:

Some newer information is available. Some servers do contain a powerful GPU not to render graphics, but to do advanced geometry. Also, rarely is it a single server , but a cluster of servers.

DarkRush says:

Came here from For Honor anyone else lol, since THEY ADDING THEM TO THE GAME

Fernando Salazar says:

there are ways to improve all this, and is because a certain amount of factors.
too much information is being send, I think the console should compress the information, so the server receives less information and process faster and lighter.
also the hardware is not powerful enough, and to play you need at least 4MB per second to play kind of OK, so internet, Hardware, and information needs to be improve, but most importantly compress the info so the server can work lighter, they need to design the games to send compress partial information, for example is unnecessary for the game to send the color information to the server, but just the actions and characters.

Cameron Cooper says:

what’s the name of all of the songs in this video

VirtuaSavage says:

Send this to Ubisoft.

Robo says:

how does internet work and how important are ethernet cables

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