Warmane 2.4.3 Outland Private Server Review

Warmane 2.4.3 Burning Crusade Outland Server review

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Nacalal says:

*$30 for a single tier item*
And there’s people that actually play this trash?

Solved 911 says:

I started playing wow again after taking years off and decided. I hate it even more now. To many whiny little bitch asshole kids crying about everything just ruins world of Warcraft. Had to uninstall.

Shpongled says:

Delete my comments like a pussy

II MythiiX II says:

Song at 9:37 pls i need it

Pompeius Magnus says:


Blitzkrieg1605 says:

A stable long running platform that is going to be around for a long time? That is what I heard about Molten WOW. Until, ofcourse, the server was shutdown and all characters wiped. And about Toxic WOW. And about WOW Scape.

Aaron Thorhammer says:

You never learned to tank, you still click.

ionut2790 says:

FUCK MULTIBOXING TARDS!!!!! same shit as bots

Weeaboos Hunter says:

tbc is just another horde racial favoring bullshit
not to mention the better SEAL that their pallys get….

Jordan Jones says:

The best part of your videos is watching how shit of a player you are while trying to pass judgement on a server.

Francisco Maia says:

I wished more players played medivh 🙁

assdiller says:

is this server pre nerf? aka hard as fuck dungeons?

Richard Don says:

Why do ppl multibox? What’s the purpose?

Joakim Ahlin says:

i wonder what happened to cnutman =D

trolltothebank says:

Oh my god that clicking is fucking disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself

Behind The Curtain says:

7:25 was absolutely brilliant, I actually refreshed my page .. Got me good there 😀

Christiangamertv CGTV says:


Connor Magee says:

You got me with that buffer gag you bastard.

Ernest Van Tent says:

scuzz alley

eerypoet4 arc5555 says:

Is this better then Excalibur ?

Chulain says:

still a short sighted reviewer I see

how much does warmane pay you for this again?

Jimmy Tsonga and the Shimmy Congas says:

Just wish they could release one or some PVE servers.

trolltothebank says:

clicker? go die

Weeaboos Hunter says:

I also prefer Loch Modan over westfall, such a lovely Dwarvish area

WHACK LP says:

Warmane or molten or all those bc and vanilla private servers can suck my uncircumcised dick

Bane Budimirovic says:

In /who you can see offline people “online”. That explains thousands

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