VanillaGaming – WoW Vanilla 1.12.1 Private Server – Review

With Nostalrius taken down I thought it couldn’t hurt to check out some other vanilla private servers. So without further ado, vanillagaming.


roycet000 says:

Mankrik’s wife!!!LMAO!!! Now that is a bug!

Kentron25 says:

Mankriks wife kinda is like a training dummy 😛 since their were none in vanilla

BioticX says:

great video!

erica driver says:

not a pay to win server
you can buy like t1 but is that pay to win ?
If you want better then t1 you have to raid
you cant just buy it do its not pay to win

Sunkincid says:

Nice video, you deserve more views

Grenthor says:

Would you get offended like everyone else today if i called you a faggot

Vesper Lilly Ann Pratt says:

Hamsterwheel was kidding, Im not, I was totally down to watch this review until you used Autistic as an Insult and I dont know about anyone else, But considering my Baby sister and two favorite Cousins have Autism thats unacceptable

Joeee P777 says:

What is the addon for that cooldown blue bar with timer in the very top left corner? ty

brock graham says:

is there any well populated vanilla servers since nostalrius dropped?

Jerry Senseney says:

great job Dr.Nomad . i play most of the time on wow mania it a wotlk server like that too x2 xp n voting for points to gear up

Erik Johansson says:

You can only donate for tier 1 max

Devsyn says:

Sorry that iam late with reacting been very busy but anyway great vid as always please keep pumping the vids out you’re amazing!

Hamsterwheel says:

This new review format of yours is offensive, triggering, sexist, unethical, and contains potty language…

…I fucking love it, please make more like this!

Jet sta says:

Been playing this server now for a couple of months and am fairly enjoying it.
Yeah, there’s a few bugs around, surprised you didn’t mention the occasional audio of a mad chicken fapping itself into a frenzy from time to time 🙂
But Id recommend it to folks to try out……not fapping a chicken……..I mean trying the server!

Putte says:

nice review and big plus for great humour 😀 subbed

MastaGambit says:

The thing that most raises my eyebrow me is that you can just get gold by voting. I mean… wouldn’t that essentially mean that nobody would even be playing the Auction House let alone ever trading profession mats and the like if everybody gets free gold from voting?? In other words, doesn’t this royally fuck up the economy? o_O

Cburton99 says:

This is so american, i dont know why, your voice your sentances 😀 love it <3 It just sound like your selling something 😀

Rick Admiraal says:

im trying this server now and its not bad ^^ i like the fast phase lvling

Hepples 1987 says:

its not really pay to win when most people are T2 or Higher. Its more liek pay to get u started on endgame. which really isnt that bad if its what you enjoy

Aztech Hab says:

You forgot to mention that Vanilla Gaming have scripted Naxxramas…. everything exept FWL and its coming till the end of 2016

natwat123 says:

What do you mean that people “get really autistic about that”?

MrSwitzerland88 says:

I’m looking to play Kronos 2 Vanilla WoW for mac, any links to the file?

Qnko sashov says:

nqkoi bznaeli realmist za vanillagaming classic 1.12 1 molq da mi odgovorite mss

BioticX says:

does that mean you can still wall jump and all the other vanilla stuff??

King Tut says:

4:50 how do you make it a fullscreen like that with all the items gone?

Gianluca Horrocks says:

Haha, I loved this review! Too funny. =)

Johomi Plays says:

it doesn’t even work

Atli Þór Júlíusson says:

how is the population?

Darth Digital says:

Dude, I love your content, but you need to drop “the fact.” Seriously, just use this single video as an example and count how many times you hear that useless phrase. Just mention the thing, not “the fact” of the thing!

Feel Good says:

6:31 I’ve heard that so many times back in the days from a video game, but I can’t remember witch game.

ModMyTech says:

Would you review Twink Nation when they come out?

Mr. Twistter says:

Hey wanna play on feenix tbc sometime 😀 ? My ingame name is Twisterr

Local Asian says:

Someone have played Katawa Shoujo, i hear it on the Background Music ~

Feldoron says:

This is a really great server. I just joined like 3 days ago and I’m happy I did.

Killval says:

what a dick dude u named your pet “retard” HAHAHHA

Namoth says:

the most adorable thing is… bliz thinking likely is ”take down alternative so they ‘only’ have uss as alternative despite how we dont offer what they sought” …yeee… more likely that people that goten ther service alternative limited despite how they bought the product legaly and jsut dident like blizz dam ‘service’ will start to get a sub councious increasingly negative association for blizz & activision products and services.

but hey…coperate logic we just want to keep reaping cash from cheap low efforts like old feodal Nobility so leets use market controll to starve peoples alternatives that wont piss people of right ? they exist to provide uss with wealth right ?

Gonzalo Vazquez Avila says:

How can I find instructions on how to adjust the leveling rate?

leshpar says:

I knew it! It was you all along who killed Mankrik’s wife!

On a more serious note: pay to win is only an issue when you cannot get the gear in game that you can buy for real money. In this server you can buy gear sets that are fully obtainable through in game means if you wish to not spend any real money. I don’t have an issue with that.

Grenthor says:

I wonder how many people noticed you click all your abilities

NightWolfz says:

Hey This seem cool can you some how make a discord for wow

SixtySixNation says:

Liked your video.

As someone who plays a bunch on VG. I can say that I think the P2Win aspect is much overhyped.

With this server being 9 years old basically and Naxx being on farm for most guilds, it is hardly P2W to get AT MOST T1 gear.

Its Pay to start BWL – Not P2W imo.

Sinisteo Soxilano says:

the server is ass xD

kontra204 says:

I’ve been playing here for a bit and I love it….fairly certain you can only buy ZG and MC gear via real cash…on that note it doesn’t affect my life of some idiot wants to blow cash on a video game item and defeat the purpose of playing fine that cool Ty for keeping my server online

o Formiga says:

paused my wow download when you said “pay to win” ….. any other alternative?

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